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Mileena's autocombos


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There seems to be confusion over Mileena's autocombos, if you check out some online movelists. I'm trying to figure out how to complete the following combo:


It looks like there should be more to the combo, but I can't figure out what it is. It took me a while to figure out the first 4 hits too, because every site I've seen lists the wrong button combo.

Also, I see mention of a HK,HK,LK,b+HK combo, but I can't get that one to work. I assume that's a mistake, but it's weird because it's been listed in a number of guides. The only 4-hit kick combo I know of is HK,HK,u+LK,u+HK.


Mileena's 4 hit Sai combo is a pressure maintaining combo, like Sub-zero's short terminating combos. There is nothing to be done after that. The other combo is done but the computer and people assume you can do it and list button combinations even though there isn't one.

1. HP, HP, U+LP, D+LP
2. HK, HK, U+LK, U+HK
3. HP, HP, HK, HK, U+LK, U+HK
4. HK, HK, D,F+LK
5. HP, HP, HK, HK, D,F+LK

I think that's it.

Her combos also have some weird damage issues. Normally any combo you do with a JP starter does roughly 9.5% and 10.5% more (it'll seem like 10 and 11% more at times but that's due to the combo portion doing something.5%, I think I explained that right. Anyway her readouts are:

1. 22, 31, 33%
2. 23, 33, 34%
3. 30, 30, 32%
4. 16, 26, 28%
5. 24, 27, 29%

Semi related:

I was thinking about something for a potential gameplay tweak if we ever do make one, where a JP or JK starter would activate damage protection, making the first hit of the combos do half damage, but fixing all the damage issues characters have like Sub-zero, Jade, and Mileena. Their ground combos would do normal damage with no funky unneeded damage protection, but along with everyone else, their JP or JK started combos would only do about 5% more rather than 10%. It wouldn't effect juggle damage for anyone, but it would slightly alter overall damage and chip damage. It would merely lengthen matches by possibly one combo per match in some areas. Examples:

JPS-HK unblocked is 20%, but with DPed grounded linker jump attacks, it would be 15%.

Sheeva's 7 hitter would then do 46% instead of 51% with a JPS


Westbury Nathan's 4 Life
Cool, thanks for clearing that up! Now that I'm reading this, it actually sounds familiar... I think it was addressed in a different thread a while ago. What was that Sub Zero pressure combo again? Are there any other combos like this? I seem to remember Sektor having a kneelift combo that didn't really go anywhere.

So do you think these "pressure" combos are just programming glitches, and by pure coincidence they end up being somewhat useful? And are they generally safe, or can you be spun out of them before you recover?


Seems like they could be combos they just left unfinished, or some frayed programming. It might just also be intentional because if you leave off hits in other combos there are times when it's a disadvantage.

Sub's combos - HP, HP, B+HK, and HP, HP, LP, B+HK

Sektor's is just HK, HK


Sub's combos - HP, HP, B+HK, and HP, HP, LP, B+HK

^^^ if you get someone in a freeze, do one of those, then throw in a mixup. Its fast enough to mix up HK, freeze, RJs, sweep, uppercut