Migosan Wins MK9 Philippines - "Summer Salt" Tournament Top 4 Footage!

Discussion in 'Front Page News (archives)' started by STORMS, May 7, 2012.

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    STORMS Owner / Director

    Just this past weekend in the Philippines, Marcus along with Migosan, Retic, Aan, FearMe, Longplay and more competed in the tournament event called "Summer Salt" May 5th & 6th. Thanks to Drew Bagay we also have the Top 4 video results for this event. Be sure to check out the competition from the Philippines as these guys throwdown!

    Thanks Marcus!

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  2. Marcus

    Marcus Mortal Kombat Philippines / Injustice Philippines
    News Editor

    I think that Ermac was pretty dope. He adapted to Kung Lao's style of play at the later part of the GF and he adapted well.
  3. Zoidberg747

    Zoidberg747 They see me teleportin', they hatin'

    How was he bad? He had nice footsies and kept pressure well. He also adapted quite nicely. Only thing I noticed was he didnt use iAB enough to keep Kung Lao off of him.
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  4. Gilbagz

    Gilbagz Joker here~

    LOL x5iVE_STAR at 3:40 mark of grand finals :L
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  5. Posted before seeing the whole video. At the beginning he seemed to use tkp and tks at long ranges etc.
  6. Son ov Timett

    Son ov Timett Bork, No Jin

    How many lads entered?
  7. miloPKL

    miloPKL soundcloud.com/pukelization

    thanks Marcus for having me at the tourny! this was my first tourny experience but everyone was cool and friendly. im happy for the placement and for repping the aussies. too bad i couldnt hang around for casuals! thanks so much for letting me borrow a stick from you guys as well!
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  8. st9rm

    st9rm viennality.com
    Premium Supporter

    congrats to migosan!

    played casuals with some of the phil mk guys but couldnt make it to summersalt since i left the phills a week before :(
    nevertheless, great players and great people
  9. i got 0-2, YES! :D
  10. WakeUp DP

    WakeUp DP GT MK OshTekk.

    ill watch this later :REO
  11. Chady

    Chady Noob

    Congrats to Migo for winning tourney with Ermac!
    Way to rep the Red Ninja!
  12. Shoutouts to 720p
  13. migosan

    migosan MK Philippines / Injustice Philippines

    i finally exorcised my kung lao demons, got a bit shook up by the speed of 5star's kung lao, gg's to everyone
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  14. Insane

    Insane Toasty!

    I'm the one who sent the videos. Anyway, 5ive_Star really adapted well in all of his matches. But after the reset in the grand finals, I think Migosan finally figured out 5ive_Star. Hype matches!
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  15. REDRUM

    REDRUM www.twitter.com/redrum26

    NFG points please!
  16. Marcus

    Marcus Mortal Kombat Philippines / Injustice Philippines
    News Editor

    Shouts to migosan and @x5iVE_STAR for a very intense Grand Finals. Here are the top 4 placers and characters used.

    1 Migosan (Sektor, Ermac)
    2 x5iVE_STAR (Kung Lao, Liu Kang)
    3 FearMe (Noob Saibot)
    4 Jet (Johnny Cage)
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  17. photonchun

    photonchun Noob

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  18. miloPKL

    miloPKL soundcloud.com/pukelization

    good job!
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