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Midscreen Fan Fare Kitana

I can get 250ish midscreen by using b231 xxdb2 ji2 xx f2 2222 , meterless
I can get to 324 with a KB b231 xxdb2 b14xx df2

are there any meter using combos to get more between 280-300?

Seems I am just using meter for Fan throw and wake ups.

Thanks for any input using Fan Fare tournament variation!
You wont get crazy damage midscreen with Kitana, but you can get up to 25~28% with the following :
b231 db2 ji2 ji2 12 df2 it switches sides but good damage
b231 db2 ji2 ji2 12 bf3 to keep the same side and put the opponent fullscreen, you can meter burn the bf3 to get extra 2~3%
b231 db2 ji2 ji2 12d2 is great to keep the opponent close to you and deals more damage than the raw bf3 ender
And if you want to go for the df2 KB midscreen :
b231 db2 ji2 fdashxx32 df2 KB (~35%)

To input two ji2 in a row you just have to jump in after the fan lift and press 2 near the end of the jump, input the second jump in right after you landed and press 2 right after you jumped. It might sounds complicated but it's easy after practicing it for 5 minutes.
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