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Middle Eastern Injustice 2 Tournament Accidentally Announced?


Confused Thanagarian
News Editor
So it looks like there might be an Intercontinental Injustice 2 tourney coming up for players outside of the NA/EU scene, providing a venue for some of the larger portions of the I2 scene to actually earn a shot at an IPS seat. Normally, this would be where I'd post something, like a snip of the tweet from Tekken Master with an early link on Smash.gg. However, Imgur is down, so here is a picture of Raiden getting beat up for a temporary thumbnail.

So what happened was that it looks like Smash.gg finally opened up registration for the first EU Qualifier, basically a mini-league where the big winner would get a guaranteed seat for the IPS finals. The Latin America event has been going on for a bit, and the Canadian one is getting ready to wrap up. However, there hasn't been anything said about the EU event, not even a series of dates.

AWP threw up an "I registered on Smash.gg" tweet for an "Injustice 2 Intercontinental Championship EU West" event. The link doesn't work anymore, but while it was up, people did some searching on what the hell the "Injustice 2 Intercontinental Championship" was, and found some other events, notably ones in the Middle East and Australia. None of those links seem to link either, whether this is just on Smash.gg or they didn't mean to open registration this early remains to be seen.

Regardless, this seems legit and it seems like NRS may have taken some complaints about the IPS on board. Many competitors were upset about the heavy focus on NA events, feeling like if you didn't have a ton of cash to fly out, there wasn't a point in competing for Injustice 2 this year. The Middle East scene tried to find a fix by entering the EU Online Event, but that was squashed by the suits up top. Now, it looks like there will be opportunities for everyone, so you don't necessarily need to fork over a few thousand dollars and hope you don't go 0-2 in pools.

There may be some missing details, or things that aren't 100% right due to this seeming to drop from a leak. Once there is an official announcement, I'll update with any new/corrected information. So be on the lookout for that, and some stuff coming from Summer Jam later this weekend. Just hangout on TYM for the next 3 days, that'll work.