McFarlane Toys working in Mortal Kombat merchandise

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Rezk, Feb 13, 2019.

By Rezk on Feb 13, 2019 at 11:35 PM
  1. Rezk

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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Rezk, Feb 13, 2019.

    1. GLoRToR
      McFarlane Toys creates pretty poor quality stuff last time I checked.
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    2. Chuckyscookie
      At this point, I would be surprised if Spawn isn't in the game. It's been in discussion so long, people even thought he would be in Injustice 2. McFarlane talked about it a lot, he wants him in the game. The only way for him to not be there would be if NRS really don't want him. But he fits, and there is a new movie in works, which is always an indicator as these guests usually serve a cross-promotion purpuse. If they now have a business deal like this for the game, it would just make sense if the character was included.
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    3. haketh
      Yeah they’re not great

      If you want affordable ones you won’t mind playing with go with the Mezco ones

      If you want the big display pieces go with Storm Collectibles

      Sadly McFarlane getting the license might be bad for Mezco
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    4. ImperatrixSindel
      If this is legit, it does make the Spawn in MK11 idea seem much more plausible.
    5. GLoRToR
      Yes it does ring that bell right away.
    6. CrazyFingers
      Last time they did stuff for a fighting game was SCII and incase you arent aware, Spawn was in that so like get ready.
    7. ismael4790
      Todd McFarlane said something like "he is on the way" when asked in a reddit ama about Spawn in Mk11.
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    8. Chuckyscookie
      Yeah I know, that's what I was referring to as well :D Some people were a bit sceptical though because he kinda said something like that for MKX as well.
    9. Tanno
      I remember that one. I wasn't particularly interested in SC franchise at that time. I remember Spawn being in this game as DLC guest.
    10. STB Sgt Reed
      STB Sgt Reed
      I don't really get hyped about figures/collectibles unless it's SH Figuarts.

      I guess it's cool for the people who want Spawn or whatever.
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    11. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      We just need more MK merch.

      I have more, and its easier to find, darkstalkers stuff than MK stuff.
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    12. Vslayer
      Agreed, some affordable statues would be nice.

      From what I've seen McFarlane has good face detail and that's important. I mean, this one is 300$ but their smaller ones look good too.


      10$ one:


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    13. trufenix
      Todd McFarlane has hinted at Spawn being in everything for about 10 years now because Spawn hasn't been in anything for 10 years.
    14. STORMS
      Umm, when did you ever check?

      McFarlane Toys are the TOP OF THE LINE that isn't $1,000 like PCS.
    15. GLoRToR
      I owned entire lines during the Spawn and Curse eras. A lot of them fell apart, had painting issues and generally turned out to be high maintenance.
      I had a Super Patriot that I had to unbox because the arm just fell off in the box after five years on my shelf. When selling it I was uprfront about it but the collector didn't care, he said he's amazed that I went the length to fix it instead of leaving it like that.

      I'm glad if they're top of the line now, I'll be sure to check them out and make my own opinion again, too.
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    16. hatyr
      McFarlane toys can take all my money.
    17. STORMS
      I'll admit... earlier figures are crap, but that's early figures. However, generally McFarlane is the shit with figures... GRANTED... they are more like mini-statues.

      NECA is also very good... or was - not sure how they are now.
    18. MKF30
      Todd's line are top tier sculptors, their Terminator figures, Spawn are great. Up there with Neca and Mezco. Way better than Jazwares and Hasbro.
    19. leoj89
      So is anyone in the community going to the Toy fair ? I need YouTube footage and price points stat.

      This might get me back into collecting . Smh , I'm too old for this ish.
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    20. ColdBoreMK23
      I wish Hot Toys would do an MK line. They would fit well with my collection.
    21. STORMS
      Thing is... back when I collected figures (15 years ago or so) the prices were so much nicer. Now if you want something... $20 minimum... it sucks.
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    22. Ilthuain
      Now if only we could get some high-quality unpainted miniatures...
    23. GLoRToR
      My baseline standard for quality and articulation is the 1990s GIJOE sets, or the 2000s SOTA Street Fighter action figure sets. All around great work on the whole. Statues are fine too, but as someone who used to play with figures, I always imagine giving one of these to a kid and watching it fall to pieces as all he's doing is using them to have fun.
      Either make action figures or statues imo, this "meager articulation to call it an AF but not really" attitude I've been seeing is not at all to my liking.

      I'll check them out though, I wonder how Todd's toys improved.

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