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Maya revealed as the next character for Season 2 of Killer Instinct!


Like with MK:X, the Killer Instinct community has awaited the reveal of another new character in the upcoming second season of their game at Evolution 2014. Well, just moments ago, Maya was announced as the newest addition to the roster. Below is an image confirming the reveal. Credits to Killer Instinct Central's Twitter for spreading the word to the global Internet population, as well as to TYM member C-Sword for sharing the post!

UPDATE - Check out this post by Johnny San to catch up on everything shared at the Killer Instinct panel in EVO 2014, including Maya's reveal and the concept of Air Counter Breakers: http://testyourmight.com/threads/killer-instinct-evo-panel-maya-air-counterbreakers-and-more.44697/


Killer Instinct Maya Reveal.png
Also, credits to @C-Sword for this disclosed image.

What do you, the players, make of this revelation? Share your thoughts!

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Get tough, or die
This is good news. I wonder if Tusk will make a return as well.... oh man (keeping fingers cross)

Johnny San

Shazzy's Biggest Fan
"She can recapture her daggers. Sort of like a boomerang" "Maya's use of daggers changed the system. Probably won't be mini-ultras in Season Two"


Kono Dio Da
She got the freeform dreads, I feeling her character design. I would get an Xbox One and KI just to use on

When's Cinder? :joker:
Seriously. It wasn't hard to improve upon her KI2 look, as that was uninspired and boring to say the least. Maya, Tusk, and Kim Wu were totally lame compared to the original cast, especially the characters that didn't make it into KI2, Cinder and Riptor. After the lame reveal of Combo and now this, it's almost like Iron Galaxy is TRYING to kill my KI boner! Ugh...