[May 26, 2012] Project MrE's Traditional Kombat (3rd tournament season 1) (Rotterdam)

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Project MrE's Traditional Kombat (3rd tournament season 1)
Start Date: May 26, 2012 12:00 PM
End Date: May 26, 2012 10:00 PM
Time Zone: Europe/Amsterdam +02:00 CEST

Project MrE
Statenweg 610 basement

Posted By: Project MrE

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  1. Project MrE


    mk tk.jpg

    Project MrE presents the 3rd tournament for its first season .

    The tournament is called Traditional Kombat.

    In this tournament players will have to battle each other using the traditional rules of Mortal Kombat tournaments.

    Each player can use more than one character for the entire tournament
    The player that loses one of the rounds of the match will have the opportunity to choose another character.
    The winner must remain with the same character that he has used to win the round.

    We will start tournaments with Pool matches and finish with brackets.
    In Pool matches the players will have to play the best of 3 matches.
    In the Brackets matches the players will have to play the best 5 matches
    The grand final the winner of the losers bracket and winners bracket will battle each other in the best of 7 matches.

    Pre sale tickest will be available at our facebook ticketshop.
    You can also reserve tickets by sending us a pm, however the tickets that are reserved must be paid for and there are no cancellations. The Tournament is for PS3 (and Xbox 360 if we have more than 10 contestants)
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  2. Djack

    Djack Get Up, Ge Ge Get Down!

    Present ofcourse :)
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  3. Project MrE

    great :)
  4. Project MrE

    Send this thread to everyone that you are connected that lives in Germany, France, Belgium ,Netherlands and U.K.
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  5. Solid_S14

    Solid_S14 Burn Baby Burn

    Uhh traditional rules are character change on lose only for the loser of the match. Winner needs to stick with his character... Else you get counter counter counter pick situation...

    Ill be there but please change the rule to the original format stuff.
  6. dussss

    dussss Noob

    ill be there aswell although i have to agree with Solid. Ur giving the opportunity for people to play as cheap as they can and then the match will be decided on counterpicking and not based on skillz. Plus the character choose could take minutes cus people doesnt wanna choose first because the can be counterpicked by the person who has allready won the first match.
    The rule needs to be changed.

    Ohh and btw, maybe a nice concept but maybe we could do a team tourney sometimes? 3 vs 3 or 2 vs 2. Not tag but team vs team, 1 vs 1. JUst think about it :)
  7. AssassiN

    AssassiN Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Pick random or people can choose their partners?
    I like the idea, kinda reminds me of the BE vs NL that never happened :p.
  8. dussss

    dussss Noob

    People cn ch00se their partners or random, i dont really care. Bt i like the idea and it also gives a more motivation for the community
  9. rubmytaco

    rubmytaco CarriedByClone

    I'm in!
  10. Solid_S14

    Solid_S14 Burn Baby Burn

    Man solid_s14 ocv with kano :)
  11. Project MrE

    ok i changed it solids original format
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  12. Project MrE

    Yo haze send out the thread to german peepz
  13. LUCKY0346

    LUCKY0346 AT Gaming

    the rule of ppl that won losers finals doesnt have 2 win the reset to win grand finals gotta change 2..
    thats the TRaditional rule i believe.. we all know that if you won losers finals you gotta win double the amount(2x best out of 5) of the one who won winners final in Grand finals..
    cuz why would you play so good to win, winners finals but the one who came out of losers will have the same oppertunitys, thats just really f'd-up..
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  14. NKZero

    NKZero Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    wish i could attend but oh well....God spared you guys from the beatdown you would get from the plethora of characters at my disposal :). Hope it runs well.
  15. Solid_S14

    Solid_S14 Burn Baby Burn

    Haha mannn just leave 27 hahaha
  16. NKZero

    NKZero Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    hahahhahahahahahahahhahaa no. lol can't dude got strict travel times because soon after that i'm going to miami
  17. Solid_S14

    Solid_S14 Burn Baby Burn

  18. LUCKY0346

    LUCKY0346 AT Gaming

    fast womennnnnn... fast cars
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  19. Project MrE

    reset came after the first two years of mlg so nope you are wrong Lucky :)
    And look both times the resett didn't matter cuz in both tournaments thewinner of winner bracket has won
  20. Project MrE

    I'm thinking the team vs team is a good idea. But right now I have these three concepts going for each season.
    I think it would be a great idea if you guys played this type of tournament rubmytaco 's tournament on may 3 in roermond.
    Cuz if I have to do more than one type of tournament than we going for an allnighter in the basement.
    Taco's entrance is also less than mine so that means you still have money to place in a team pot :)
    It's just an idea :)
  21. Solid_S14

    Solid_S14 Burn Baby Burn

    All night longggg nanaaa
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  22. <F8>

    <F8> <Insert witty title>

    Fortunately for some of you I'm glad to let you know I'll be attending this tournament, and many more if possible.

    Solid_S14 :

    Yes the last time it was my little girl her first birthday party, of course life > games.
    Hearing the news from Djack it sounds like it was a pretty intense and awesome tournament.
    Until we meet again, Solid :].
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  23. AssassiN

    AssassiN Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    I wanna get some casuals first :).
    Should be interesting :).
  24. dussss

    dussss Noob

    Next to the godlike scorpion, im gonna show my new char aswell ^^ be ready folks mwhahahaha. scorpion will be my backup
  25. <F8>

    <F8> <Insert witty title>

    Oho, guess I'm not the only one with tricks up my sleeves. This should be quite ... Entertaining!
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