Maximilian Interview w/ Killer Instinct Producer Michael Willette

Discussion in 'Killer Instinct' started by CrimsonShadow, Jun 12, 2013.

By CrimsonShadow on Jun 12, 2013 at 9:07 AM
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    Well-known fighting games personality Maximilian has been recording Killer Instinct-related content from the E3 gaming conference all week. In the latest video, he interviews the Senior Producer of Double Helix Games, the studio behind the new game. They discuss the pricing models, game accessibility, the art style, backstory, and composing the soundtrack.

    In the interview, Willette discusses some of the inspiration behind the new character designs, as well as DHG's commitment to running the new KI as a tournament game. He also shared that they have people from the Weaponlord and Skullgirls teams on their roster of developers.

    Here is the video, from Maximilian's Youtube channel:

    Killer Instinct was playable yesterday at Stella's Bar and Grill, near Los Angeles' Staples center. If you had a chance to try it out, drop by and let us know!

    Also stay tuned to today at 11 AM PST for more live demonstration footage of the game.

    Source: Maximilian's Twitter
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Discussion in 'Killer Instinct' started by CrimsonShadow, Jun 12, 2013.

    1. JaredL
      Is it still on the xbone?

      If yes, no buy. If no, yes buy.
    2. Killzone
      It's on the X-Box Don't Buy One.
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    3. NapoleonComplex
      Sounds like a great idea.. unfortunately it's exclusive. What a shame.
    4. Banjal
      The Exbox won is going to make tournaments a real pain to run.I was happy when I fist saw it was going to be at E3,then I saw it was a F2P game and on Xbox one.
    5. Nulak
      Maybe they'll release KI on PC later ...
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    6. Circus
      So glad that the game is in good hands.

      Unfortunately most people won't get their own hands on it because it's on that abortion of a system.

    7. Vulcan Hades
      Vulcan Hades
      What about practice mode?! Will it have a record function? Will it have built-in frame data? Viewable hitboxes?

      Will there be a replay channel? Story mode? King of the Hill? Tournament mode? BPs/EXP? mini games?

      What about button checks?!

      So many questions he could've asked but didn't. :(
    8. Rampage254
      This game would have had so much success if it was multiplat. I mean, maybe it will still be successful, but since it's Xbox One exclusive, and only like 4 people plan to buy one, then it's highly doubtful it will live very long.
    9. K7L33THA
      Everything about KI3 sounds awesome. Great interview.
    10. CrimsonShadow
      Preorders for the XB1 are pretty much sold out in a bunch of places -- I wouldn't make assumptions.

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