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Max Damage Kitana Combos

I came up and tried to perform maximum Kitana combos :D

aaHPHP, JK, JK, Fan toss, RH, HK = 73%, 7 hits.
aaHPHP, JK, Fan toss, JK, RH, RH, HK = 74%, 8 hits.

These are pretty much best combos i can do with Kitana, i will try to post a video soon when i get them recorded.

Also this ded_'s combo is awesome

Post your best Kitana combos if you have superior ones.


Elder God
aaHPx3, JK, Air Fan, run under, aaHP, aaHPx2, aaHP, JK, Air Fan, aaLpx2, Wave Punch - 14 Hits, 87%

aaHPx2, JK, Air Fan, JK, RH, JPs, HP, HP, B+LP, B+HP, otg HK - 12 Hits, 83%

aaHP, JK, RH, JK, Air Fan, JK, aaLP, Wave Punch - I forgot how much it was, about 84-85% i believe

and if you count uppercut interupt combos:

aaHP, Uppercut, JK, RH, JK, Air Fan, RH, HK - 100%


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
Damn, nice Kitana combos DED. I'm guessing it's hard as nails to do on most of the characters except for Jax, Stryker etc.

Like NW, Sheeva for example fall oddly I can see Kitana having trouble juggling those characters. :shock: