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Mavado should be DLC (let's start a petition)

Mavado DLC

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Thrill Kill
Hello, fellow kombatants. This is a thread to discuss fan favourite Red Dragon badass Mavado, so we can start a compelling Internet campaign to bring him back in DLC form for MK11.

Mavado is one of the most popular characters from MK Deadly Alliance. He was mained by at least five guys in my local tournament back in the day, and I recently made a popularity poll on Twitter and he won. NRS should acknowledge this important data since there certainly is a profitable market in Mavado fans.

So let's discuss him.

First, his name is so badass. MAVADO. Sounds powerful. It's like malvado (evil) but missing the "l". So creative, innovative and certainly fear inducing name. At one point we had a clan back in the day called MAVADO BOYS, we were feared on every major forum.

Look at his design. I'll explain to you why it's so badass:
-Timeless haircut.
-Eyes as cold as death.
-Badass long coat.
-Badass shoulder armor.
-Killer boots.

His boots have spikes that he can use to kill his opponents! How badass is that? His fatality was among the most remarkables of the 3D era.

His Long Fist fighting style is unmatched. I'm pretty sure you can do 15x combos easily, and own anyone anywhere. In fact, he was top tier back in the day so he is going to be top tier now.

Then there's the Grappling Hook. Such a cool gadget to gain mobility. He can use it like Batman's hook from the Injustice games, and move around easily. He can also use this Grappling Hook to grab the opponent and get them close to him.

He should keep his original fighting style, but with new additions like grappler moves because it fits the character. His variations are going to be so powerful!

And then there's the hard truth. Kano should've been out of this game. Kano has to sit out of MK12 in favor of Mavado. Because Sonya and Jax need a new nemesis, a powerful foe that would put their lives in danger. The Red Dragon is meant to replace the Black Dragon.
In fact, Mavado eventually should kill both Kano and Kabal, and obtain his hookswords.

I don't think Kano has many fans nowadays compared to Mavado. So I'm going to make a couple of polls in Twitter and Gamefaqs to prove this statement.

Now I'll proceed to debunk all your arguments against Mavado:

You: Mavado is TRASH.
Actually, no. Mavado is one of the most fearsome and cool characters in MKs history. This has been proved many times, in many polls.

You: Mavado was killed by Cassie in the comics.
Sorry, comics are not canon since they misrepresented Mavado. It was the writer's fault.

You: We already have Kabal with hookswords.
Well, yeah. But Kronika can summon Mavado from a pre-Deadly Alliance era. Problem solved.

You: His costume is awful.
No, it's badass because it has everything that is badass like I already pointed out before.

You: We don't need the Red Dragon.
Let me tell you a fact: We have too many Black Dragon characters. I'm all for variety and I want everyone to be represented. This is a good reason why Mavado should be in.

You: Mavado's playstyle is boring.
Would you say Lex Luthor, Scarecrow, Brainiac are boring? There's nothing boring about playing as a badass villain. Mavado plays like a true villain should play.

You: Why should Mavado take the place of characters like Stryker, Sheeva, Darrius?
In fact, they would be stealing Mavado's place.

You: But Cassie killed him!!!
That wasn't Mavado.

I think we're ready to start a petition online to bring Mavado into MK11, and I suggest everyone to start twitting right now everyday until we get it done. Because NRS is in debt to us, and they owe this to US. We will make them bring back Mavado because WE deserve it.

Let's go and make this happen!



I think he is a great candidate like Nitara, Havik and Rieko to get a complete overhaul to make them even more awesome. Like they did with Tremor.


The Shinnok Slayer
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Mavado's whole deal is 2000 and late, no one wants that aesthetic.