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Matchmaking Considerations


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Let's get some facts out of the way:
- Search engines are an artform of their own
- and they take work to optimise.

That said, I think NRS matchmaking has improved a great deal recently and as it has been said in another thread touching on the ranks of ranked matches, there is still room for improvement nevertheless.

My suggestion for searching opponents would be the following:

1. A lockout system that if a player declines another player, that player will end up at the bottom of the priority list no matter what other circumstances met.

2. Let players choose what they prefer to search for: equal skill or better ping. While I understand that this is a coin toss for priority when matching players, it could be up to individual preference. I'd rather fight someone who has the same ping as I do and then not give them so much hell, but there are people who don't mind 200ms and would happily fight someone of equal or greater level than they are. Hell, I can see myself reaching that skill level eventually, where I'll be able to execute my shit in lag without having to worry about that j3 not coming out on point.

3. People you ignore on Steam / PSN / XBL should not come up as opponents. I know, salt, whatever, but I think it's fair to allow people to pick who they'll face. As much as I don't mind getting my ass kicked by Teabagging Angry Supergirl Player #3241, I'd still prefer to get it kicked by someone with a non-scrubby attitude.

Just my two cents.