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Man vs Machine.


Soon coming , videos of how to beat triple endurance on UMK3 arcade without abusing any AI flaw.( i just need some video recording cuz the mame in built one makes the screen look very strange ).

So no

Jump back , TP ( even tho thats ~for most~ only possible on MKT).
Jump back , late JK , into aaHP.
Jump up after any kind of knockdown for aaHP.
No after 5 seconds free special.
No Run back to corner and late JK.

But just runjabs and karajabs into knee and even "arm starters" ,or punishers where possible, without savestates or slowdown .So without any outside assistance besides assignes movement keys to spare keys or to a already used key ( like block+ down , which if u need t stand u use up , and switch it. since when u block u usually want to duck anyway).

I just PS1 Dual analog with USB adapter and mame , and i have this control setup.

UP = up
Down = down, L2
Right = Right, R1
Left = left , L1

Block = L2
RUN = R2

This setup has alot of advantages on quite alot of areas , and the strongest point is thats is a very simple concept.
There in lies the strength and im technically and tactically nowhere near the top tournament people of the scene. I think everyone should use this.

some advantage include :

Better and easier throw protection
At least compared to stick and some other controllers.Because u dont need to hold back down when u block so u can instead hit back).

yes indeed. just try it.

Superior buffer capabilities
courtesy to above mentioned , since u dont need to hold down to prevent sweep u can spam back to prevent throw , while in meantime buffer a counter move , for instance.

Heigthened reflexes
Because of the aforementioned , u can punish and anticipate moves , in order to counter them like T-1000 himself.

Moves easier to pull off
Not only is it easier and thus less finger-raping when used in too much concession , it also has a lower fail rate. raising joy ad effectiveness to a new level.


I will go more in depth later.

But i wil summarize among else , stuff going as far as after analysing subsequent discovering that going from down-right on diagonal pad in contrast to down-left , not only is slower cuz of real life physics but also is more annoying and erratic.

Therafter i will composite a list that states the most fluid , instinctively and thus easiest with at same time, including higher succes rate , for each move and combo , in each different categorical situation. ( i.e . ground, air, punisher ) etc versus different characters. Enabling almost anyone to do same shit i i do.


Its , not moraly , cheating , technically however it is debatable. But the intention is to maximize human potential. by attempting to overcome human physical barriers of your hands limiting and restricting input potential compared to a CPU , hence why i said everyone should use it , so that it doesn't give one an edge against one other (human) opponent. But rather just flattens out the inital unfair (to say the least) advantage the CPU has by not having to physically press buttons to input commands , if u get what i mean.
In that light one might call this cheating , yes.
But i say this "cheating" vs CPU ( cuz every player should use this and with keyboard u can do it also)is no more unfair then it is getting your money back after u got robbed in an alley from the thieves.


Anyway , im not looking for an edge and i dont play competitively or even online at all , plus i dont have friends. (whoplays mk ofc..lol). But i do like to improve on whatever it is i do and with this controller setup , ,even without the double bind of down and block , gives alot of advantages in term of efficiency combined with smoothness of execution of moves/combos. Only the down +block cannot be used on cabinet.

This setup just gives alot more control of my chracter in my opinion , resulting in significantly increased reaction time on counters becuase of the improved ability to buffer while on defense, for one.

But i dont claim to be pro , i have alot of admiration for the people here.


It works , and its not so much about the auto kara part , that is just more convenient and doesn't give any advantages on its own , its about that u have finger free to buffer better , resulting in significant better reaction time.


OK , i just found the the ultimate way to setup controller binds , this setup just basically makes every single move/combo/infinite , very easy to do and with little chance of failure while garanteeing superior reaction time and it being less of a hassle to input. Simple solutions always work best , to the point a keyboard offers no technical/competitive advantages and has much less comfort compared to the ps1 pad.( a stick doesn't have enough buttons.)

And yes this does indeed include every single move and combo/infinite u can imagine , in both UMK3 and MKT.

and the only requirements are mame and ps1 joypad.