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Making videos, format, youtube etc...

I've been making Shang content for a while and one thing I've noticed is youtube really hates mortal kombat. No matter what I do its hit or miss wether or not they flag it appropriate for monetization. Anyone else make videos and can look at what I'm doing to see what im doing wrong. Iv tried different filters, cutting Things out and its always a coin toss. This is my current video as of july 17th which is currently stuck in review. Any advice would be appreciated.



FGC Cannon Fodder
Every content creator that I've heard talk about monetizing MK has resolved that it's a fool's errand. That there is basically no good way to do it, and that if you are going to make MK content you are doing it for some other reason than monetization.

Outside of that, I know nothing about the process, but it's been talked enough now by some big names that it sure sounds like it's not worth the hassle and the things you have to do so degrade the quality of what you are making that there isn't much point. You could probably drop a question into Mustard's Twitch stream chat some time to see if you could get him to get detailed about it. He has talked about it in the past.
Thats kinda what i figured. I always make because I enjoy it. Just thought i was doing something wrong. So business as usual