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Making threads for the Mortal kombat X factions

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Sould this be a thing?
Even though not everybody will be playing the same character in a faction.
It would be cool for finding fatalities in your faction, or to even talk about what
your doing for you faction this week. I also think on TYM we could set-up some crazy
faction wars! There would be a thread made for each faction. So that we won't get into
any stupid arguments about which could kick the others ass, which could break out, (I think it's going happen anyway, but what the hell.)

And we should only set these threads up right when the game comes out, so they don't get filled with stupid crap!



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Would be cool to have a thread for every faction represented when the game comes out.

You can talk for example about how you bodied Lin Kuei scrubs in a 5 on 5 faction battle this week:DOGE