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Strategy Making all your combos end in the corner.


EX Ovi should launch
Okay this is something thats been known for a while, yet i never see anybody using it. Its helped me for a long time and really made my smoke more threatening to fight.

By whiffing a telepunch at various points in your combos, you can choose which direction your combo will carry too, so for example you find yourself backed into the corner, you can modify your bnb combos to swap directions mid flow and leave your opponent in the corner themselves.

So, from your bnbs the points to do this are after a smoke bomb, or as you NJP.

You do for example your bnb 3d12, NJP, 32, 4xxsb, 32, then your ender of choice (JK airthrow, Resets and invisibility are common enders)

Now when you do a NJP you can plink/cancel it with a teleport, i do the input of db24 you can use 1 for the punch if you choose but its not any different. Performing this will teleport behind your opponent, leaving you to perform the rest of your combo and push them to the direction you came.

You can also mash a teleportpunch on the ground after a smokebomb, and continue your combo with the juggle.

From any smokebomb; off a b2,3 starter, in combo or just random, you swap sides with your telepunch and hit them into the corner.

I would post a video for people who really dont get it, but you should be able to figure it out from just practicing.

Happy smoking!


EX Ovi should launch
Ive been using this for a while, its a very useful tactic..
Its good, you can play some ballsy as fuck setups using it, if you want to back yourself into the corner and start a combo from there you know....


judging from my experience, if you got your opponent (after whiffing the telepunch) close to the corner, the reset seems to be a lotttt easier to master
great tech for sure