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Tech Mace Toss Canceling

So I'm sure this is known, but I never see anyone doing it. If you do a string that leaves the opponent standing (ex. 22) you can cancel into mass toss; But instead of throwing the mace you can hold it down for a second then dash forward cancel into 3 options: B23-B1-WE3-F13-MC, B22-MC, or a throw. I tested this online last night and it seems to work really well. If you already knew about this tell me why no one uses it, is it unviable or naw :DOGE


b22 doesnt stun for very long and if your fighting against the right body size (ex black adam) we3 is better because it lands you on the opposite side in range for 3-mtmbu combo.
mt cancels are good for baiting and corner tricks though .
as i say though if people are falling for it keep using it :p