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Lvl 2 Trait - Post November Patch

Lvl 2 is not as good as it was before. I have an Xbox so I got the update ahead of time and I gotta say that they did him a little dirty.

Decreasing the duration of the bubble is one thing, fine, but now they made it where there's a bit of recovery once you pop lvl 2, making it a little bit harder to fully take advantage of the trait and REALLY trap people in there. I personally liked to f2 (on block) into lvl 2 trait into d1 to trap them and apply a lot of pressure. That is no longer a thing as they now have a bigger window to punish once lvl 2 is popped. You can now only pop lvl 2 on hit advantage or full screen.

If you had an air tight combo that required lvl 2, you more likely will need to alter it now because of the recovery. Some lvl 2 combos still work. The trait is still good. You just have to be more careful as they gave them more hope to get out of blizzard.