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Discussion in 'Smoke' started by Kweli, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Kweli

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    Ive been trying to learn smoke.... I can tell im getting old because its alot harder to learn new characters....

    I like alot of his tools, but ive just realized that he doesnt have ANY combo's that have a low attack. Are smokes only low attack options a poke or a sweep??

    Why dont smoke opponents block high all the time??
    I know he has the fastest sweep... but is the trick to get your opponent worried about the sweep then go for a overhead attack?

    Are there any low pokes that can lead into combos?

    Also, How do you guys get comfortable with new characters? Play ladder? Practice mode with a Medium/Hard NPC?
  2. iWumbo

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    I'm no Smoke expert, so I can't help you there.

    As for learning new characters, I'm finding it rather hard as well...maybe it's just because the one's I've been trying are completely different than my main (Liu Kang) in terms of playstyle. What I usually do is go into Practice mode for an hour or so, just practicing performing the character's bread-n-butter combos, and getting comfortable with them. Then, it's usually ladder mode on either medium or hard mode, depending on exactly how comfortable I got in Practice mode.
  3. ultrasimmons

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    With Smoke's low options, I usually harass my opponents with the sweep enough to pull a low block, then work in a :l :bp - :fk - Smoke Bomb, then continue the juggle as desired.

    Even without a full combo to pull with a low, his Sweep can still earn respect for the low block mixup.

    The big issue you may find is when you can't tell which way they block from tapping :blk and :d fast enough to register the block for the sweep, but not perform the action, much like in UMK3.
  4. iWumbo

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    What you're referring to is called "fuzzy frames", which is what happens when the blocker presses the :d input during the same frame that the attack comes out, and the block registers.
    As a rule of thumb, just think that if the attack didn't land, then consider the opponent blocked the right way, and react accordingly.

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