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Discussion in 'Fighting Philosophy' started by Mikemetroid, Sep 8, 2015.

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    I'm sure you have all read some sort of list, on how to become another player, but Lord Knight, a high level Anime player, wrote this up on twitter and I couldn't agree more with this list.

    Important things that every beginner player/player who wants to improve should keep in mind:

    1) Tiers exist. Characters are different. Understand that usually, the strong characters in a game have several things in common over the rest of the cast.

    2) Tier whore is a concept you've created. Understand that at a competitive level, people are going to do whatever it takes to win. People are also going to pick characters they enjoy. At a competitive level, it doesn't really matter "why" someone plays x or y character. Anyone can play any character they want, for whatever reason they want to.

    3) You're not special for picking a certain character. Just because you play a low tier doesn't make you special, or secretly better, by default.

    4) Your goal is to win, but you win by improving - so your real goal is to improve.

    5) It's perfectly fine to complain. Complaining is natural, and a common way for people to vent. That being said, the difference between someone who just complains, and someone who complains and tries to overcome is huge.

    6) Reflection and critical thinking is key. The worst thing you can do is the same thing that you did when you lost. You have to think "why did I lose", step back and analyze what happened. Fighting games are about reflection and refinement.

    7) Anecdotal evidence, at low level, does not account for much, and try to confirm everything you hear.

    8) Filter out your sources of information early, and confirm information with multiple people.

    9) Be open to criticism. General rule - if one person says something, maybe they can be wrong, but if many people say the same thing, you might have a problem. General consensus in these games usually exist for a reason.

    10) If your goal is to be good, strive for success. If your main source of practice is online play (which it may well be), you can still try to learn to play well. For example, we know that many AoA's are slow and reactable, but if you're relying on them online for hits, then that's not reliable. There are many, many, many examples of such tactics, and it's up to you to understand which is which.

    11) You can't define what's "fun" for other people.

    12) Even if you hate a certain character/playstyle (and you definitely will), you can't deny a skilled player (but if you're mad, feel free to vent).
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    Only if TYM would go by this we would be a different community.
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    its kinda interesting how the people who compete in NRS games do NOT think how TYM does for the most part
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    Most realist post I've read so far on this forum.
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    Very Very true. Good Point.
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    Shut up baby I know it
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    DDTECH Fear Dat Lao Pressure

    Real post, deserves real respect.

    Thumbs up
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    I say that threads like these, and other respectable player development threads, should be on the front page stickied and mandatory to read before people can comment. But then there would be the problem of people trying to derail them or act dumb (unless they were locked and the author could change it's contents). Then again, that is why there is the Fighting Philosophy page for those who need it.
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    I think we just need to stop feeding the trolls.


    Yeah, that would work too.
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    Good post. Funny thing about filtering out info is that sadly a lot of stuff I've read on TYM has to be swept to the side. Premier MK site and 90% of it is complaining or trolling. Whatever tho, good info nonetheless.
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    This should be written in stone for FG in general.
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    I actually needed to read this today been getting seriously emo
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  14. I'm one of these players trying to improve and I couldn't agree more with this list. It's frustrating as hell getting bodied over and over but FGs have a massive learning curve from casual to competitive
  15. Good read @Mikemetroid. This is why fighting game philosophy is my favorite part of the forums. I think it's what is most important when it comes to leveling up.
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    Something I always like to tell people is that fighting games are not RPGS, you can't just grind and grind and grind and expect to be a high level, it takes a huge amount of understanding and quite frankly talent.
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    I see
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    People have been saying that for decades, but the real issue here is that Mods will have to the heavy lifting there. There was a forum I used to go on when I was younger, full of Grade-A assholes but not one troll. Why? Because the mods rooted that shit out as soon as it was spotted. I'm not saying being a mod isn't a hard enough job as it is, but that's where the real change gets made.

    EDIT: I also just now saw your mod badge lol, which means I said this to the right person at least
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