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Looking For Killer Instinct Players at Washington State!

Hello, My name is Serpent and I'm a player that belongs into the PNW region (WA, British Columbia or Portland) and you probably you are aware that @Shujinkdink belongs to this local too. I'm looking for players that play KI in this region. And I'm really excited for the next season. Me and a couple of guys at Gameworks play KI and we only have a few people who are playing this game right now. So I decided to make a group called "PNW Killer Instinct".


And I'm also want this game to make it to our local tournaments "Seattle Freeze" and "Northwest Majors 8".

My reason for this is, Killer Instinct is a really great game but it has a lot of barriers such as "Owning an Xbone" and we don't have that much players. Like at least 4-5 people including myself are playing it. I really want this scene to grow so if there's any players out there who are willingly to help me grow this scene. That would of been really great.