Looking for counter to these characters

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  1. Starfire
    Wonder Woman
    Blue beetle
    I understand catwoman may not have a bad match up.
  2. tafka Djinn

    tafka Djinn One for three off the roof

    Captain Cold clubs Catwoman like a baby seal. Don't really have a hard counter for the others off the top of my head, but she gets proper rekt by Cold even after the MB Puddle nerf.
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  3. x TeeJay o

    x TeeJay o Canary Cry Gapless Pressure

    I hate to say it, but Supergirl my friend lol.
  4. She seems like a good pick
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  5. TamedLizard

    TamedLizard Fairhan

    Cold and WoWo are your best Catwoman counters.
  6. Either Supergirl or Catwoman is probably your best bet.
  7. Espio

    Espio Wind Maiden
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    Beetle doesn't have a hard counter, but also isn't a hard counter to anyone in his favor so there's no real reason why anybody couldn't work and compete with him.
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  8. IrishMantis

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    I think you people are judging Cold way too much pre patch Meta
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  9. Tanno

    Tanno The Fantasy is the Reality of the Mind
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    Pre-patch Cold could beat her without a problem. Meta-patch Cold's MU against this kitty is now 6-4. Pre-patch it used to be 7-3 in favor of Cold.
  10. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Good luck getting through the shell

    Fate loses to none of them and he beats up Starfire pretty bad.
  11. EMPRESS_SunFire

    EMPRESS_SunFire Regina George of discord

    Fate goes 5-5 At least with all of these, pretty sure.

    Wonde Woman and Captain Cold are Catwoman's only potential losing MUs (not sure about Cold after the patch but I can see it still being in his favor, just not horrible anymore)
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  12. New York Pizza

    New York Pizza Premium Supporter
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    I had a feeling WW would be mentioned. People are often frustrated at just how safe and abusive she can be all at a range that keeps her on the defensive with her strong counter/ footsie abilities. Unfortunately, she's a counter character as a whole, she has tools to disrupt pretty much any set up and game plan the opponent may have, making her naturally a hard shell to crack.

    I'll break it down for you. Tools she can abuse are

    -Instant air down shield:
    • She jumps, instantly tosses her shield at a downward angle.
    • Used for chip, spacing (to keep the opponent at bay or from moving forward).
    • It's fast, safe, and unreactable. One of her main footsie tools.
    • How to counter: Totally safe, too long of a range to do anything as an answer. If blocked at max range, you have enough advantage to challenge with your own projectile, or simply try jump over it on a read.
    • **If MB'ed and blocked at close range, WW is around +5. Shouldnt try to jump, dash backwards, press buttons here, you'll likely get clipped with one of her follow ups.
    -Straight shield toss
    • Negative 33
    • Most projectiles can punish on block, even at max range.
    • MB shield toss is -18, still punishable with some projectiles
    • At -33, if you're playing a rushdown character you can make up tremendous space and advance forward, though don't be too antsy and try to cover 100% of the space gap, she'll recover in time to do a follow up. Remember mid range is her specialty, so if you do decide to advance forward after blocking shield toss, you could put yourself more at risk if she correctly reads what you're going to do next after advancing. Try to work on getting her knocked down or able to execute a set up first before Yolo moving forward.
    -Amalthia Bash
    • On block you'll see -16, though If blocked after a certain range she's actually safe he at anywhere from -3 or -5.
    • Used to close gap.
    • Don't second guess yourself, either decide to block anticipating delayed mb or poke immediately on block. Though technically your turn, it is still a risk, waiting to see if she delays mb to press buttons after could set yourself up to get countered.
    • Try to out space it on a read and wiff punish
    • If MB is blocked, she's +2. Only a 9f reversal or faster can challenge, other wise, it's safe just to block.
    • Not advised to MB b3 or f3 after blocking her mb bash, she'll likely break your armor.
    • Not advised to jump, she'll clip you
    • Not advised to backdash.
    - 223 string
    • Last hit +12
    • Exploitable gap 22(3) can punish with an 8f normal or 9f special, some backdashes can recover and full punish as well
    • Mb f/b 3 works as well
    113 string
    • Last hit over head and +2
    • Small gap exploitable by backdash
    -B2 lasso overhead
    • Only -2. Be careful against this especially in the corner.
    • Rule is, block high when in mid range/ in the corner, she has no low options other than very up close.
    • Completely safe. Can make it a block string with some cancels.
    • Full b23 string is +4: Don't jump, don't reversal, dont roll tech. Either exploit the huge gap on a read or block.
    -Ji3 long range lasso jump in
    • Around +7 if blocked on the way down
    • Still plus enough even if blocked from high enough where she'll counter your poke with her 6f poke.
    • Hard to anti air: Unless you have an amazing grounded AA option its best to counter with your own fast jump in either ji1 or ji2 or backdash and wiff punish.
    So, in general

    • Strong full screen zoners can give her trouble.
    • Best way to counter her is to stay out of mid range and let her chase you.
    • Once you establish you know where her best ranges are (go and lab her), try to read what she's going to do at that range and out play her
    • Best way to fight a counter oriented/ patient WW is to be MORE patient.
    • Try to constantly chip her with your projectile if you zone (obviously)
    • If you play a rush down char, it's imperative you are smart about when you decide to advance forward.
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  13. TrulyAmiracle

    TrulyAmiracle Bane bombs & Vine drills & Stardust
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    Supergirl, you can be the scrubbiest SG ever and Starfire will still get bodied by her stupid shit.

    Fate can also fuck her up but he's way more manageable.
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  14. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Good luck getting through the shell

    Fate vs Starfire is as bad in that he outzones her and if she doesn’t manage her trait right she will get shredded.
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  15. TrulyAmiracle

    TrulyAmiracle Bane bombs & Vine drills & Stardust
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    Oh yeah those 2 are her worst matchups easily, but with Fate I can at least attempt to jump over the zoning, if I read an MB fireball i can try to MB roll through. I get a f3 check on his wakeup and it'll beat Glyph, mid range I can check him with her sweep etc.
    She can't play the zoning game w/o a life lead but she can manage in all the other ranges imo.

    Supercunt is just nasty. She just has every tool ever and 90% have practically no risk, she's SF4 Seth with a twat.
    lasers trade in her favor always thanks to the knockdown, float negates lots of starfire's stuff on its own then you have air lasers and teleport to add an extra fuck you coz you can't even do air trait to stop her from floating.
    f3 oki beats star's wakeups free so she has to delay if she wants to avoid that and then SG can go nuts with airdash nonsense or strings into breath etc. Her advancing string controls the neutral, goes over Star's sweep (she can do that while standing coz she floats) and it breaks MB b3/f3 armor as well.
    It's just gross and shitty and I hate SG lol.
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  16. 6-4 Catwoman with new patch
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  17. x TeeJay o

    x TeeJay o Canary Cry Gapless Pressure

    This actually just helped me level up my WW tenfold lol wow. I didn't know any of this besides her gap in 223. Thanks bruh!
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  18. xKhaoTik

    xKhaoTik Black StarPoison

    Wtf am I reading that catwoman beats cold now?

    Wtf happened to cold for one of his best MUs to completely switch like that?
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  19. Tanno

    Tanno The Fantasy is the Reality of the Mind
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    One small buff and one huge nerf happened.
  20. Fate doesn't have problems with blue beetles air mobility?
    Also catwomans whip would seem like a problem in that match up
  21. Thanks for all the great info.
  22. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Good luck getting through the shell

    Building yellow ankhs is a good way to keep BB from staying in the air and if he gets too close, B2 will get him, but he could bait a B2 and punish it, but he does have to bait it. If Fate blocks an air fireball he can call an ankh or possibly punish with his own fireball. Orb freeze right in front of Fate is good for both of those characters.
  23. I thought people meant it went from 7-3 to 6-4 in Cold's favor?

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