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Match Footage Lobo Mains, Your Critiquing Skills Please!

This is a stream archive of me streaming last night to showcase some Lobo on PSN and show how far I've come with him in the last week. He's nowhere near perfect which is why I'm asking the likes of all Lobo mains to see how I'm doing with him and to tell me what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong. I love this character and although he won't be my number 1 (sticking with Selina always guys. Sorry!), I'm putting massive effort into him to make sure he's tourney ready if I need him for her terribad MU's. (BTW, the wakeup chain charges at the end of my time in the KOTH were because I was tired and about to head to bed lol.)



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A couple of times I've noticed when you go for a meaty toss on knockdown you go for b21u xx trait load. You should follow up with 113 xx trait load after b21u. It's 32% instead of the 20%.


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Work on connecting 113~toss and 12~toss. 12~toss is also a tick throw. I see you're missing out on big dammie.

I'd highly suggest checking out the BnB thread I made and practice practice practice. If you have the opportunity, there's no reason not to take 50+% =P