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Lobo highlight of KOTH feat. HoneyBee, ForeverKing, Revolver, and more


King of the Bill
Had an awesome stream going last night with some great matches featuring @HoneyBee @FOREVER KING @rev0lver and @Empress_Fantasy

This is just a highlight of me winning because no one wants to see the flash or aquaman or zod or whoever the hell win anymore!!!1!! :DOGE Yeaahhhh....

No but seriously Honeybee was just shredding people left and right and Foreverking was using the whole cast. Fantasy picked up Zatanna and started getting good with her and Inspire always with that GL swag.

GGs guys



ITs the day one otg if u dont know that u arent a seasoned flash
Sorry to disappoint. Guess I should drop him.
Rodrigue I thought you were a Catwoman main 0.0
I lost 10-0 to an Aquaman once. Never again. Hell even Coolwhip started to kick my ass!
I never dropped her though, but I use Flash for those tough MUs, you know...Sinesto, Bane, Lex, Aqua...