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Liu Kang vs Teleporting Ninjas


MK11 Kabal = MK9 Kitana
Here's the video I made about Liu vs Teleporting Ninjas:

UMK3 - Liu Kang's Worst Matchups

Obviously there is more than just special moves that Liu can do, but he can't safely do any of them...ever.

I also forgot to record him being punished 27 ways for trying an air fireball lol ... oh well, you get the point.

I also didn't put any Scorpion punishers as they are obvious and would waste time.


Great video, Liu is not doing well against them but in the right hands he cause a lot of trouble to teleporters.



needs more rjs, backbuffer teleport stuffs, cancelled chain combos and roundhouse kicks


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The video was obviously for demonstration of critical points, and a fine video at that. Definitely some combos and counters in there that I do on both ends. :)

Liu Kang is constant baits to aaRHs, low FB mix ups, Run jab to 3 hits of knee combo, psychic AFBs, and bike kicks, bike kicks, bike kicks!