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Discussion in 'Liu Kang' started by Juggs, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Juggs

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    I hate making threads like this, but there's some tech I've found with Liu Kang. Not saying it's new, I haven't played this game since May and rarely see any Kang's playing at tournaments. This thread at the moment is kinda pointless, because I really want to wait until after Final Round to discuss it. My strongest advantage right now is the element of surprise and no one has really played me offline yet. So in the meantime, I would just like some strong tips or strategies you guys have found or are using. Like I said, I'll tell you all about mine after Final Round. And what I've "found" probably is already known or used, haha.
  2. SwiftTomHanks

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    Wait a minute... your asking people to tell you their tech while you hide yours?

    Just putting that out there.
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  3. greeneless

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    I'm going to start implementing this into my game immediately
  4. SwiftTomHanks

    SwiftTomHanks missiles are coming
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  5. I'm not super worried about secret tech posted here being discovered by other players, because like, who would read it? Like, if I found a map to the Holy Grail or something and I needed to hide it somewhere safe, I would put it in the Liu Kang subforum on TYM.

    Anyways, something I've been working into my game a lot recently is b1. It's a pretty good whiff punisher; decent range, speed, and priority. The great thing about it is that the hitbox on it is much larger than it looks; I have managed to hit Mileena out of her d4 with it. You can combo after it with a low fireball or flying kick. If you're a pro you can bicycle kicks after it, but the only way I've managed to do that is using the b from the b1 as a buffer, like bb1f4. I find it hard to do that on reaction so I've just been going with the low fireball.
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  6. AssassiN

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    B1 is idd very good, I use it in the corner sometimes when there is a certain distance between you and the opponent. I connect it with a high fireball then and proceed doing the B312 combo string, gets 30% out of it. Wouldn't recommend doing low fireball in the corner since it takes more recovery frames and there is no pushback.
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  7. Woah you can full combo off b1 if they're cornered? That's amazing!
  8. AssassiN

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    If B1 gets blocked but the fireball isn't then no. If the B1 hits + high fireball then yes, then you have little window to pick it up with B312. With the low fireball it's possible as well but the window is very very very small.

    AYSAMO Noob

    you can full combo punish off almost all of Liu's strings in the corner lol.

    But new tech you say? Hard to believe. I spent a lot of time on this character with Punk, Marvaz, and Wrath. Just about everything has been discovered. If you have something completely game changing it's probably something already in use, but it'd cool if you shared anyway lol. I'd love to see kang advance some more if possible.
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  10. If I recall correctly, Marvaz mentioned he had some secret Liu Kang tech that he was saving for some undefined point in the future.

    I wonder if Juggernaut found the same thing that Marvaz did. That would be kinda funny.
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  11. AYSAMO

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    Yea Marvaz showed me what he's talking about a while back, it's interesting and useful, but I don't see it changing liu kang as a character. (sorry mario lol) More or less Kang is gassed on new tech imo. People just don't use all his tools/mix-ups as much as they should except a few. (XBladez kang was really nice, one of the best I've seen recently.)
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  12. GNG Iniquity

    GNG Iniquity #bufftaquito #punchwalk #whiffycage

    Are you going to scream "WAH HA HAH" in your opponent's ear?

    Hitoshura should pick up Liu then, he's pretty good at that!
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  13. SunnyD

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    B312 B312 F12 F121 bicycle kick is the only thing that drew my interest as a unusual strategy. It does 3% less than B312 x4 but it carries them the same distance across the screen. The interesting part is that the bicycle kick wiffs, but is still safe agaisnt wakeup attacks. Also, It brings you within that ambiguous range where you are just far enough away from the opponent that close-range wakeups will miss but B312 will just barely hit still. So i find its a really nice bait for wakeups. It appears unsafe but its safe so no worries. It is far enough that wakeups like Jax's elbow or Kung Lao's spin will whiff but close enough that you can bite back.

    Its just a gimmick, something that you use to trip up your opponent once or twice.
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  14. PPJ

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    usually one would do b312 b312 f24 bicycles for 33% but you can add a f12 in between the b312s for 36%, and its easy to do
    also I think more people should use f4 as a standalone move, its neutral on block and +14 on hit
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  15. Pound IC

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    If your timing is spot on you can also do b312 x3 f24 bicycles for 37ish%.

    I really dislike f4. It's 4 frames more than b3; b3,1 is only -1 on block; and f4 can't really be hit confirmed into anything. I personally like the f12, b31, d3, f12 ex low fireball (not in that order) shenanigans the most
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  16. JacopeX

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    F3 is the best thing ever!

    -It shuts down teleporting moves (starting frames)
    -It is a pretty good mix up tool (between overhead and a low start up combo)
    -Another good anti air
    -Can get you at a throw range(like f1,2)
    -Good against a downed opponent's normal wake ups

    I have been using f3 a lot lately and it has really worked incredibly for me.

    I also have been implementing Dragon stance (Mostly 3 and 4) more for corner pressure and during corner combos (2). I even cancel Dragon stance into counter at time. However, im trying to find a whiffed combo/move I can use to bait my opponent to do a wake up attack. I tried Dragon stance > Counter but it takes way too long to cancel on time for the frames of the counter to do any affect. Theres so much strict timing when doing this.

    Any ideas of baiting?

    We really need a strategy/tactics thread. :p
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  17. AssassiN

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    You do realize that if the wake-up attack is executed well enough that the move has invincibility and has priority over the parry?

    I've tried it enough where I read that someone will wake-up attack me and that I do parry and it beats my parry.
    And yes, I was past the start-up frames.

    It works on moves where the invincibility frames are long gone before it hits(like Mileena's tele kick).
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  18. Sand-man

    Sand-man Noob

    B1bf3 at midscreen, low fireball is safe( for the b1 pushback), good distance control

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  19. ETC AdmiralAugustus

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    Is the secret new tech the random advantage he gets off 3 moves?
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  20. Pound IC

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    I used to use f3 a lot but my roommate can fuzzy guard it 100% of the time now offline. I'm guessing that's not the case online, right?
  21. Juggs

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    Precisely, I personally thought it was a good deal.
  22. Dark_Rob

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    This is the very same technique that, as a child, young Juggsy would use to get all the girls to play doctor with him. Juggs was always the doctor.
  23. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    The secret is at first arousing curiosity. Then you start lowering expectations. Once you finally do reveal it, they can't be expecting something amazing, they just have to remain curious and "want" whatever you're hiding. Then have someone reliable make up a testimony about said "tech". They are already curious, they will listen. Once you finally reveal your tech, they will be confused, not expecting much, but also expecting a lot at the same time while their curiosity does the work for you.

    You know, they don't call me the Juggernaut for no reason. ;)
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  24. GNG Iniquity

    GNG Iniquity #bufftaquito #punchwalk #whiffycage

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  25. Sand-man

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    The best move in this 3 bug strings are b2,3 for the follow up for the bug and the % of the bug in this string, next f3 on hit have a good mixup with b312 or other f3 or b2,3( and you hope in the bug or in the opponents fear of follow up, b2,3and low fire ball or bf2 for a great escape lol )

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