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Liu Kang tactics from "Lex theorycrafting zone"


by Lex on classicmk.com:

Tim Static:
Gimme something about The Fortress, kind sir.

hmm, best things about liu off the top of my head:

rj [close] xx ff+hk
on block, the kick does a passthru/crossup. breaks up any buffers they may be doing. also good cos it checks for throw with a passthru/crossup option. the kick will stop short on the passthru, just repeat, or mixup with:

lk, lk, hk, lk[hold]
(not blocked) puts them at zone range for low fire/aarh mixups. low fire is safe after this combo hits. if they are smart they will run up block to get closer to try and punish. stuff that with ff+hk. you must be smart with ff+hk. if you are mid/long range, just buffer ff and choose lp or hk.
(blocked) look for aarh first. if they are still defending, go back to rj xx ff+hk passthrough
you want to keep lk down on the last hit of this to sneak in a turkey kick buffer.

on aarh, low fire is safe, and it puts you at zone rage. liu loves long range or close range. both of these techniques exploit those ranges well.

if you can push them to their corner, you can mess with their head with ff+hk passthru spam. do it fast enough and youll float in a crossup. mix in rjs for throw attempts and lk lk hk lk.

stopping the 7 hit with an rj xx (mixup) is good