Liu Kang & Kitana: How will they play out?

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  1. Knowing Liu & Kitana are now the Emperor and Empress of the Netherrealm, how will they play out as to being on the main roster in MK11?
    I'm thinking they will be together in one slot. First variation can be Liu, second is Kitana and the third is both as a tag.

    No doubt that they will be Sub-bosses as well.

    What are your thoughts on these two?
  2. That's going to depend on so many things we just don't know yet though:

    - When will the game take place (shortly after Mortal Kombat X, 10 years later, 25?)
    - Will Variations return
    - Will tag matches return
    - What will the overall story arc be?

    For all we know, it'll be another large time jump and Liu Kang and Kitana will be back to "normal" just like Sub-Zero and even Scorpion were in Mortal Kombat X, and we'll only see them "bad" in flashbacks (if even). Or maybe they'll be the new "deadly alliance." Or maybe the NetheRealm won't factor in at all.

    There's just no way to know right now.

    What I'd like to see though:

    - A game set shortly after the last one, no major times jumps and no major war completely glossed over this time.
    - For them to be playable as proper characters, even if as DLC.
    - For the story, whatever it is, to be completely original and not a take on the 3D era titles.
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  3. BruskyPoet

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    I honestly think Liu Kang and the revenant team will be ignored in MK11. It was heavily focused on the last game so I don't think they wanna do the same similar story again. They'll be given the Dr. Fate treatment, where they show up in the story for a couple scenes but not really involved, yet still on the roster.
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  4. There won't be much of a revenant team in MK11. Besides, Liu and Kitana can be the new Deadly Alliance on their own.
  5. BruskyPoet

    BruskyPoet Embrace the bullshit

    Liu and Kitana being the new "deadly alliance" is just being cheesy.
  6. GLoRToR

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    Liu will betray Kitana for absolute power.
    Jade shows up to save her bestie again for the 239478th time.
  7. That'd be cool.
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