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I don't know how viable that is, but the fact that red orb destroys ice clone and it has fast recovery which allows Liu Kang move alongside with red orb might be a sign of a better match up vs Grandmaster. Thoughts?

You can also put a red orb in front of yourself, then throw another one towards ice clone and run with it. Putting one red orbs in front of yourself might prevent Sub-Zero of trying to go towards or it might force him to use EX slide, which can be baited, blocked and full combo punished.
Just labbed it, viable tech



Imagine if pushback was removed and we would be able to do this midscreen. If only!

Also, if there is a doubt of trying to jail after EX solar sphere, b12 will save a day:

Doesn't work against Cassie's power flip. Haven't tested against slides either.


Cause after setting up an orb, we don't have a way to mix-up our opponent apart from using hard to block-ables, armor breaking, grab or stuffing wake-ups. Sometimes just go for more block pressure.
In general, orb combos don't happen often.
Oh yeah for sure, it's not a practical combo at all and would never happen in a million years in a real match lol. It's just flashy and hits hard. I actually messed around with it some more and got 50% meterless...without the damage buff. You have to be on point with timing and theres one frame links but here's the inputs.
Dark stance, bf3, db1, 3xxdd1, f44xxbf1,
(orb explodes), walk back, 3xxbf1, f44xxfbf4, d2
Try at your own risk! It's harder than it seems lol

jordan ewell

Just wanted to say to everyone keep at it. This variation is hard and not as obvious as dragons fire or flame fist but I think it has so much potential. We will all figure it out guys
its execution is not hard but the game plan is hard to come up with. Once you get baptized in the dualist spirit, you would know how good it is.
How do you open people up in this variation and also it seems like every time I do open them up I'm in light stance and can't set up an orb

jordan ewell

How do you open people up in this variation and also it seems like every time I do open them up I'm in light stance and can't set up an orb
We are all still working on dualist. I think dark stance has more of a space control variation. I also feel you have to give up damage in order for potential damage buff. Have to use both stances together though. They complement one another.


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I think orb combos are about to become much more common/easier to pull off now. The buff no longer goes away after getting hit. I think this might be huge.



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And we need an EX Yin and Yang, the Yin charges by 2% per 1 second, EX 3%, and Yang should automatically charge to lvl 1 when you input it, EX Yang charges to lvl 3, and you should be able to charge from previous charges. A needless buff would allow Soul Orbs to absorb projectiles.