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I believe once we have lvl 3 charge we can start doing insane block strings with orbs building meter, chipping very high, as as keeping pressure..once we know our time is going to run out switch to yin stance ex flare block string and the back to yang closure setups. Or waste meter in doing flares for chipping away..
Do you really think the orbs can be used to pressure on block? My problem is that cancelling into orb on block is minus. We can sneak it in sometimes but i don't know man. I don't really get the idea.


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yeah its really... uncomfortable throwing orbs out there.. especially if your trying to start something from scratch. i mean throwing random orbs like f+3 low orb and maybe b12 en orb or f+4 orb etc...


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Hey guys going to upload some stuff.. Fooling around with dualist. Interesting stuff...may help or may not..


not much... still working on other kinks.. but so far this is corner setups into lvl 0 en orb into f+4 setups the timing to en f+4 into SS is kinda meh.... but I am trying to utilize everything i got.

as for lvl 3 there is a particular setup which is f+213 low orb into f3, the f+3 and exploding orb will combo.

hoped it opened some new perspectives for some.
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The worst case can be punished with armor but not a normal attack because the orb hits. The timing might be hard but once you get the timing its fine:

I couldn't get my text on the video. Am sorry bout that. The first part shows optimized combos. I also showed a block-string possibility. There's a part about fireball into flying kick, its like hit confirming the fireball.Its kinda hard. Its much easier to do when using ex-flying kick. I showed that using level one you can get safe orb cancel on block and this makes it easier because you don't really have to time it.

I know dualist players would have tested this with 22 and b2, but what does this really mean. Am thinking the orb re-stands. Because the video shows that b2 hits(10%) and the opponent is still standing.


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I've seen your matches and I am wondering and trying to figure out a pressure system that will allow to maintain pressure without quick stance switch.
I thought about doing: 111,f21,11 and so on. The problem may seem with the negative frames on block. However I was able to do f21, f213 follow up, even though there is -3/4 on block. I am afraid that at some point canceling one string into stance switch wont be as successful as it is. Just like it was with first days of Kabal's f32 ndc cancel.


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Is it wrong to assume that the stance switch works similar to a fbrc or ex jazz hands in linking combos or block strings.


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Umm, I have tech!

Do a Solar Flare after every string you do. Guaranteed 1.88 more chip damage!

My comment gets highlighted now, right?



I don't know how viable that is, but the fact that red orb destroys ice clone and it has fast recovery which allows Liu Kang move alongside with red orb might be a sign of a better match up vs Grandmaster. Thoughts?

You can also put a red orb in front of yourself, then throw another one towards ice clone and run with it. Putting one red orb in front of yourself might prevent Sub-Zero of trying to go towards or it might force him to use EX slide, which can be baited, blocked and full combo punished.
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