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Liu Kang... damage resistance?

O Juggernaut 0

I was playing a match the other day and notices something a little wierd. I was Robot Smoke, and my opponent was Liu Kang. I went for the 40%-- tu, spear, combo and I did not get a 40% hit damage. It was somwhere in the 30's. I experimented with this and it happened the same with all my combos. Ranging from 3 - to 10% difference from Liu Kang to other characters with different combos. Is this some kinda glitch that I stumbled upon? Or is this how it's supposed to be?

They were talking about that happening but only in the Saturn Version. No one belived him, but he posted a video and shut everyone else up. So, I'm going to believe this is true, but hesitant. Make a video.

EDIT- Are you sure you didn't just do the combo to late? Sometimes if after the spear you wait and then do the autocombo it Reads to 31% because he recovered from the spear at the least second and didn't block. Happens to me sometimes when I fumble with the Invis.


Yeah I did prove a point here. :roll:

As far as the readout occurs, I only know of it occuring on the Saturn port. I just checked the arcade version and it shows normal readout.


So far as we know the only damage issue for taking is on Saturn. A handful of moves do different damage in MKII for different characters, and in UMK3 Liu Kang's straight up JP and regular JP does different damage. There might be others too.