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Tech - Dragons Fire Liu Kang Corpse Hop

the tech starts 1.30 In the video

So, really do I need to explain? just let me know.
You see me do this many times, shoutout to bunny b for this tech he discovered months ago. It's to do with the height during the combo I think, certain setups work and others don't so here's a few examples I use for corpse hopping.
P.s this only works after bk MB combos , not from 113 starter (that I've found yet). Best to use corpse hop after hard knockdowns! Which for Liu kang I use

B34 and 22

F44 bk MB - iafb - 22 . Corpse hop

F44 bk MB - iafb - b34. Corpse hop

F44 bk MB - b34/22 . Corpse hop

F44 bk MB - iafb x2 - low fb- corpse hop (not mine)

F44 bk MB b34 f44 - corpse hop (but careful they can tech roll)

This last one is great in certain distances for example when the f44 hits them in corner , corpse hop grab back into corner for extra damage

Now this last one is my PERSONAL FAV and looks cool. Once people are familiar with your corpse hop then I like to do this to be extra sneaky!!

F44 bk MB - b34 - DOUBLE CORPSE HOP . This will double reverse and looks SWAG also :) , I'm sure u can do other setups for this but I've only been using this one thus far. (If someone wants a vid then let me know).


F44 bk MB - iafb x3/4 - 22 - corpse hop (I'm sure there's more setups but that's probably the highest damage) , I think if u try 5 iafbs then the 22 won't hit I think .

Anyway hope this helps someone