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Tech - Dragons Fire Liu Kang Converting off anti-airs


Liu/JohnnyKenshi main
Hey guys!!

I saw some people discussing the best anti-air moves for Liu in the DF discussion thread.

I think every Liu Kang player should know that the D2 is the best anti-air which can be almost consistent.

I like to share with you some anti-airs that I like to do other than the D2. Enjoy!

You can also see this thread from Permodius about his D2



B2s and Birdarangs
Depending on whether U4 is reliable enough this could be extremely helpful.

I'm using D2 to AA and it's really good but when I see people using a S1 as other members of the cast and converting it makes me extremely jealous.

Thanks for the video though. Food for thought.


They see me zonin', they hatin'
U4 hitbox is very weird. I only use D2 because it is 7f and it already was really good and now it got buffed (lol). Best D2 in the game. I'm learning to use S1 and F1 as anti-airs because sometimes D2 won't work :p