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Tech Lex Luthor's Electric Boogaloo?

AK Black Preon

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Probably going to be marked as unviable or too gimmicky. OR might already be known but I don't play lex so this is literally going 100% off of not knowing anything of his overall game plan. However it looks like it has some pluses and not too many minuses. Nothing to base your game around but going under then over the opponent to net roughly 40-60ish% total on non mobile wake-ups or trait up for a meterless punish.... or just get decent position on punishable invincible wake ups. Not to replace standard pressure but it is good for 2 to 3 time uses per set.


Come On Die Young
i mean like most setups tech rolls are just going to escape it, and if you want trait you're sacrificing damage when you can still get it otherwise.