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I don't really post on tym much anymore due to work and COD AW taking my life away. Anyway I wana grind out injustice again like I used to. I stopped playing for a while but played offline with a few people with my scene and it made me wana play again. I am far from being as good as I want to be and need some help and blah blah blaha blah blah blaha. With that being said my xbl gamer tag is gpmoney1120 hmu for player matches cause at this point I just need to run looooooong sets with people to get the feel back. Please don't make me play ranked matches against randoms like @FOREVER EL1TE and @Shaazzyam :DOGE lol.

Btw if my list is full just message me or leave names here. I work a weird shift and usually get off work at like 2-4AM so I'll e on late lol. thanks tym.

Be prepared for some yolo grayson.



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I think we're still on each others' friends list. If not, shoot me an invite and perhaps we'll play again soon.