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    (combos, setups, and specific AA inputs)

    The following gains strength out of backwords Gun Cancels into AA options:
    So i've been using standing 1 to stop jump ins instead of 4 and found it to be much more combat effective.
    1) combos chained afterwords do more damage.
    2) you can keep the pressure on with many different enders like 3, EN baton sweep/baton sweep, and even B4.
    3) you have much more screen control

    main drawback is that pretty much any JK will stuff a standing 1. However this can be something that can be turned to your benefit. Once your S1 gets stuffed your opponent will think they can get a free jump kick next time they need to do a chunk of damage or push you towards the corner. This is where 4 gets put back into play, 4 beats out kicks and punches and can link with roll toss to switch positions. So in this setup you will have traded 7% for 18% and gained the advantage for zoning (and possibly even cornered them)

    On the plus side to all this, some opponents won't respect 4 as anti air due to its low damage output resulting in even more punish opportunities. So, you use standing 1 till it gets stuffed, then 4 to keep on punishing jumps. After awhile they will stop jumping altogether, making your zoning that much more effective

    AA combos:
    1, 12 gunshot, 11 baton sweep (or end with ex baton sweep and reset with dash D3)
    1, 12 gunshot, 3 G/C
    1, 12 gunshot, 11 roll toss
    4 roll toss
    (they are the ones i use, if they are better ones post them and i'll add them)

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  2. Z-911-Z

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    T4L Z911
  3. There's a lot of things Stryker can use as AA. :)

    Best AA combos I found with no meter:
    With meter:
    But yeah, now with the new reset discovery it might be tempting to end AA combos with EX baton instead of Roll Toss or standing 3. :) The Baton reset definitely helps Stryker a lot pressure wise.

    Police Brutality was also talking about possibly comboing a standing 4 after an uppercut that hits an opponent trying to cross-up but I haven't tested that myself..

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    how do you know what i look like?

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    I don't like to use standing 4 as anti air...sometimes it works perfectly, and sometimes I get beat by the opponents air kick - punch. Maybe I just have a bad timing with this move, Idk if I am the only one who thinks it is not 100% consistent.
    I prefer a solid uppercut, that works every time and gives me space and time to start my zoning again.
  6. You need to start moving more instead of just staying in one spot. This is also something I need to work on.

    When you watch high level players like Crazy Dominican play, notice how they use walking forward and backward to adjust their spacing to an opponent's jump. That's what we need to do. We need to know the ideal spacing where standing 4 and standing 1 works best and then try to walk to that sweet spot.

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    Exactly, when your opponent jumps they are set in specific trajectory while you are not. Take the advantage
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    4 into ex-guns and ex-roll toss is still pretty good I don't know how you can say standing 1 at 10 frames is better than standing 4 at 8.

    Hitbox on 4 is wonderful you need to dash cancel into 4 if your anti-airing.

    Also as far as damage off an anti-air is concerned njp is better than standing 1 and can come out on more frames and is + on block.

    Also probably the best anti-air combo is going to be 4xx12xxxray
    I'm surprised as shit kopout links off of kopout to be an anti-air to be honest,

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    you didn't read this thread at all did you?
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  10. Well 1 is only 2 more frames than 4 and leads to 33% meterless vs 29% for 2 bars. Imo there's no question that standing 1 and Gun Shot are the ideal anti-airs if you can land them. Followed by D4 and 4. Uppercut is a lot easier but it's only 12%. And even 4 xx roll toss is only 18%, which is good, but it's also giving up 12% additional damage that a standing 1 and D4 could do.

    tbh 2 more start up frames is not going to make much difference when you pretty much have like 30 frames to react.

    And I don't consider neutral jump punch a real anti-air because you usually NJP on anticipation to something, not on reaction to jump ins. NJP is an air-to-air.
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