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Match Footage Let's Make My Black Adam Effecient!

So if you could on a 1 to 5 scale, rate my Adam.

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AK Black Preon

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So I did this in the Bane thread to get feedback to aid my Bane into Level Up Status and the advice greatly paid off. Now I'm not a copy pasta guy who will take what you say and then become the exact same type of player as you. That's not what this thread is for, this is for idea spouting and taking advice from those on the outside who look in on the following matches. In other words with the ability of what you know and aided by the 100% accurate ability to use a retrospective look, use what you as Black Adam players have learned and cross reference that with my mistakes. Also tell me what I did well if anything, I love playing Black Adam, just as much as I love Bane / Killer Frost and what like to have that as my "Trinity".



EX Ovi should launch
Offline someone with decent skill will anti air you all the time. I love to jump around because this game has really stupid crossups and alot of low priority anti-airs but you spend 90% of the match in the air.

Black adam has very little air control but his forward and backdash make up for this, and his whiff punishing. Play safer and dont do things like black magic on block (thats full combo punish), use his trait cancels to get + frames for free throws and sweeps to keep people guessing and hopefully start pushing buttons into your mixups!


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I would start by saying you could definitely jump less, along with be more careful with your dive kicks as well as your projectiles. From full screen it's ok to do black magic but I noticed you using it in block strings hoping to catch people off guard. I would suggest you replace it with Lightning Cage, Storm or Strike if you really think they will hit a button and want to try and keep them in check. However most of the time I would just use Adam's frame advantage off of his block strings and setup counter hits/frame traps.