Legacy Green Arrow Speculation thread (wish change list)

Discussion in 'Green Arrow' started by Eddy Wang, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. Eddy Wang

    Eddy Wang Skarlet scientist

    If the leak list is real we probably will have a chance to see our boy again, so then if you were a hoodie back when IGAU came out, then you probably know the struggle GA was during the entire game, its basically where my curse for picking @$$ characters in NRS games has begun, and since I2 is basically a legacy continuity game, pretty sure our boy concept got though out a little bit different after 3 years, don't ya think?

    So i'm asking IF GA is in, what changes do you want to see from in I2 as an updated version of that GA we used to know in IGAU?

    here are few of what i expect to see at the very least, some of them are just my wildest imaginations, but a hoddie can dream right?

    Better walkspeed forward and backwards
    Better backdash and better not be a fuken cartwheel.
    Haven blast is much more faster
    MB Savage blasts juggles on corner and midscreen is enough to land an arrow shot or slide
    Reload Arrow startup increased slightly
    B1 hits low and is much faster than before
    Arrow shot startup faster than 22 frames
    A safe meterless slide (it doesn't lead to anything)

    Trait changes:
    Regular arrow does 1,5% chip and 3% damage
    Eletric arrows sparks does 0,50% chip damage
    fire arrows does 7,75%% chip damage
    Reload arrow now can stack a spare arrow if a second reload is made:
    Ice arrows x2 max
    Fire arrows x5 max, first reload still gets 3
    Eletric Arrows x6 max, first reload now gets 2

    Eletric Arrows stuns and stall characters airbone a bit longer

    New Arrow shot from trait (Angled arrow shot)
    hold 4 then UB and release 4 The arrow travels in arc instead of diagonal like it goes with UF
    New arrow shot from trait costs a bar + spare (rain storm)
    Hold 4 +MB and then UB and release 4 (if more than 1 arrow is on the quiver, fire all of them in arch)
    New trait DFB+4 (Bomb Arrow)
    Fires an arrow on the ground which explodes on impact adds a timer if a bar of meter is used.

    @AK L0rdoftheFLY
    @Hollywood DMS
    @Scoot Magee
    @Red Reaper
    @chris G
  2. DarksydeDash

    DarksydeDash Magic and Starbolts - Give up or get lit up.

    I feel like he's going to be one of the characters that gets a complete redesign.
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  3. Shadow316

    Shadow316 You inspire no fear.

    I kinda hope they get rid of the three different arrows mechanic and give him something different.
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  4. James

    James NottPilgrim

    He probably will play completely different just because a lot of people considered him a bad character. We know his trait is already gonna be different since Deadshot pretty much stole it. Honestly I can't imagine what his new trait will be.
  5. Lo0py

    Lo0py Noob

    Not sure about a complete redesign, but i'm sure he'll get a lot of changes and i hope so too.
  6. Azxrath.

    Azxrath. Noob

    better recovery on arrow reload and a bit more damage, i dont think id want b1 to be a low cause then its just making him a 50/50 character :/ i like the trait changes though
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  7. Crusty

    Crusty Amaku sasayaku kurayami
    Premium Supporter

    As a person who mained the character three years before dropping him due to his problems here are my thoughts on some of the changes you've proposed.

    1) Agreed but given the movement of the characters in i2, this is pretty much redundant to ask for.
    2) What do you mean by better backdash? Better distance, better recovery; its subjective what you want to look for it.
    3) Agreed
    4) Agreed
    5) I personally don't like this change. Because we just came out of a game where characters were buffed via the 50/50 treatment, and while I haven't played MKX personally, thats NOT the best way to buff a character. Also, we have a game where ambiguous cross-ups exist so I don't thing a change like that is needed, let alone welcoming.
    6) Agreed
    7) That's more of an icing on the cake given the high mobility granted to many characters in the game.

    I highly doubt the same trait will be used again given that Deadshot has pretty much his old trait. Due to that reason, I have little-to-no opinion on this change, other than that it reminds me of the 'Green Arrow buffs that will never happen' thread which, now that I look back on, was a silly thread.

    Same as above.

    This character can't come back, realistically, as he was, let alone be built off that foundation without breaking the character in a good way or a bad way. As for the stuff I want for the character, I'm going to say silent on that matter and put my faith in NRS to do justice to the him, for better or for worse.Feel free to discuss about this.
  8. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Don't let your memes be dreams

    He looked like a lot of fun in Injustice 1 but he just seemed so cheeks I never put any time into him. As i was messing with him I had a miniature nightmare about what would happen if I played vs Bane and never touched Arrow again lol. If he's good in this game I'll play him though because his design looks fun.
  9. juicepouch

    juicepouch blink-182 enthusiast

    If they don't make him move a ton better then he needs at least one footsie tool that has some sort of range to harass with. Arrow grounded footsies were a huge liability
  10. SoundsLikePAUSE

    SoundsLikePAUSE Neptune's Beard!!!

    Believe it or not, Hurricane Bow (while super unsafe) was actually a huge tool for the Bane MU. Bane's meaty's on knockdown would have to be timed perfectly, or else it'd break his armor. Also, abusing savage blast makes chasing GA down very annoying. Played a set with Max few months back and it worked well. Also worked when facing Bipolar's Bane. It's now one of my favorite MU's to play.

    But anyways, I do think he'll be a very different character, but please for the love of God, keep his Savage Blast. That move was too good. And hopefully they keep his amazing forward dash and weird female hurtbox.
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  11. PunkMafia83

    PunkMafia83 PSN: YaRnToNpUnKMAFIA


    Ok. Let's look at what made him good.

    D1 into various options. Jumping 3 harassment. Not bad corner GAMe at all. A decent hitbox. Air to air with jumping 1 was good. A situation in the final round where he could end your opponent who still has 50% health left.

    Now let's add in the meter burn roll mechanic for getting in and out.

    Slide being safe seems kinda pointless and b1 property change seems like an mk x design lol.

    What I would of liked is a go to anti air. Don't get me wrong I worked around it but would have been good. Some other strings other the 111 223 and f1d23. Actual useful strings.
    Anything else would have been a bonus.
  12. Rathalos

    Rathalos Play Monster Hunter!
    Premium Supporter

    My darkest fear is if they retool him and remove a lot of his colorful trick arrows in favor of a dark and gritty moveset in line with the TV show.
  13. SoundsLikePAUSE

    SoundsLikePAUSE Neptune's Beard!!!

    TV show Arrow used a Boxing Glove arrow not too long ago so maybe we'll finally get that this time around.
  14. shaowebb

    shaowebb Get your guns on. Sheriff is back.
    Premium Supporter

    Fire arrows now on hit cause an explosion that puts opponent into a juggle state flying in the direction of the attack similar to Shang Tsung's fire juggling stuff. This gives Mister "can't outzone" a real threat at long range in the form of a long range starter. Plus it allows him to extend combos without the need for ice arrow resets since his tools typically pushed people away. It also alleviates an over reliance on his two high low strings and tiny t-rex normals if you can simply pop normals and cancel into the fire arrow for juggle.

    After that toss electric arrow. Ooooooh ahhhh it adds hitstun for combos that do less damage than ice arrow. Replace it with boxing glove arrow that causes wallbounce. This gives him a trade that'll be worth a damn in zoning wars and again helps strengthen his options in combos since he could cancel into a wallbounce arrow from certain strings.

    If I got these I wouldn't need a damned thing otherwise. I'd even take on the Superman matchup with these answers to his zoning allowing me to potentially combo start when I'm stuck full screen.
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  15. Eddy Wang

    Eddy Wang Skarlet scientist

    i keep getting bodied by your name lol.

    The backdash was a freaking flip, it had no distance so it would regularly fail at doing its job, which reminds me, they were ass that even a black adam nerfed backdash would've been better.

    Since he is a legacy character there is a highly change is trait is the same, or either that or has definitely been reworked into something new.

    Truth is, GA trait was wack as hell and was one of the worst in the game, it really didn't help him much, considering he is a legacy character as well, if his trait is pretty much the same thing, we will be going through the same exact things, so having those speculation changes kinda potentials what could work for him if they decided to not recreate his trait tho.

    more stuns on eletrics allows for combos at almost any range, and new ways to use the arrows can be good too.

    Forgot to mention, but kinda hopes his super is still combo-able after he lands it.
  16. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Don't let your memes be dreams

    Harley is a legacy character and her trait is new.
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  17. shaowebb

    shaowebb Get your guns on. Sheriff is back.
    Premium Supporter

    Green Arrow was a character who you might win one out of a best of 3 at tourney but after that you would have done the same things sooooooooo many times you'd have trained folks how to body you because you'd be completely reliant on incidental punishes and waaaaaaaaay too frequent F2d13 and 223 shit. Quite frankly his damage was whack and having to use super for damage in this game was also whack. Pretty much guaranteed you'd lose all your bar at clash or be meter gimped otherwise.

    You only had so many starters, couldn't win a zoning war, had to use up his arrow loads on single shot ice arrows for reset damage and were a meter whore. Sure you could annoy folks, but even if you hit them all the time you'd still do less damage than one solid confirm to combo from the mid to top tier folks.

    Like I said...you may take a match in a best of 3 in a real tourney with him, but after that you'd probably have trained them up on how you move, what tools to look out for, and what to punish and bait because NO ONE can make someone free long enough with Green Arrow's damage to run it for 4+ rounds in top 8 without falling into a flow chart off the few things he had to use.

    Give him the splodey fire arrows that juggle them toward you (3 loads) and Boxing Glove arrow that causes wallbounce (2 loads) and I could run him again though guaranteed. He'd eat air techs alive with that shit and his punish style would then actually convert to damage.
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  18. Eddy Wang

    Eddy Wang Skarlet scientist

    Yeah, as i also said, its a 50% chance that it might happen.
  19. shaowebb

    shaowebb Get your guns on. Sheriff is back.
    Premium Supporter

    To be fair, gimmick arrows SHOULD be Green Arrows trait. Just not the kind he had sadly.
  20. DarksydeDash

    DarksydeDash Magic and Starbolts - Give up or get lit up.

    Just please give him the boxing glove arrow
  21. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Don't let your memes be dreams

    I wanna see a rope arrow worked in his move set somehow
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  22. DarksydeDash

    DarksydeDash Magic and Starbolts - Give up or get lit up.

    Also, make the Robin Hood hat a piece of gear.
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  23. shaowebb

    shaowebb Get your guns on. Sheriff is back.
    Premium Supporter

    Like his super again?
  24. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Don't let your memes be dreams

    Yes but to play with. Facial hair being customizable would be cool too
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  25. SoundsLikePAUSE

    SoundsLikePAUSE Neptune's Beard!!!

    Agree so much with this. I know most like the classic facial hair look, but it's really not my thing. Though, with the CW skins leak, we'll have at least two options.
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