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  1. We all have fought countless Black Adam, Deadshot, Aquaman, Batman and Superman. But which are the characters that you least see online. I'll start by saying Brainiac is probably the least played.
  2. Skedar70

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    I have come across a few braniacs that have mopped me due to not knowing the MU because I barely see them. I have never fought a Swamp Thing.
  3. Yeah Swamp Thing doesn't get love from many people. Blue Beetle is also pretty ignored by others at least in my experience.
  4. MKF30

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    Swamp Thing, GL, Blue Beetle, Catwoman. IMO these are among the least used characters not just in general but online. I rarely if ever see any in rooms or matches. Oh and Cyborg too, I don't see often.
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  5. Blade4693

    Blade4693 ....

    I admit my online exposure is limited so my experience really doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things but I don't think I have fought a single Cold, Grodd, Fate , or Swamp Thing yet lol
  6. I've never fought Swamp thing, I might have fought 1 Firestorm but the one character I've fought only once is Brainiac.

    Honourable mentions: Poison Ivy and Captain Cold
  7. Doctor Angel

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    Wonder Woman.

    I have not crossed ONE single solitary Wonder Woman yet.
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  8. Wigy

    Wigy There it is...

    Braniac, wonder woman, grodd.

    Every second person is a batman.
  9. Swamp thing, brainiac (which is unfortunate, so much potential), grodd, firestorm.
  10. Not including TYM matches:

    I have never run into a Braniac or another Grodd.

    I've only played one Cyborg, one Captain Cold, one Green Arrow, and one Joker.

    Most common opponents are j2man, Stupidman, Yolotelegirl, and B123isplusfuckyou
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  11. TRVP6GXD

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    Blue beetle, and every time I do fight one, i try not to let them win because his win screen is the cringiest thing ever. I also dont see alot of Braniac,grodd, or swamp thing.
  12. Eldriken

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    Blue Beetle
    Gorilla Grodd
    Green Arrow
    Poison Ivy
    Captain Cold

    Those are the ones I see the least.


    Those are who I see at least 500x each per day. -.-
  13. It's a shame people barely use Atrocitus considering he is so powerful. And Green Arrow's zoning is nothing to ignore and also Cyborg I see very very little but when I do they are mostly very good with him.
  14. Name v.5.0

    Name v.5.0 Iowa's Finest.

    This thread highlights exactly why I'm getting bored of this game already. If I cant get a match with anyone from this site, which is often...I have to resort to playing online and it's nothing but Batman, Supergirl, Superman, and Black Adam.

    The only character I've never played against is Captain Cold, but close seconds are Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy.

    The variety in online casuals right now makes me not even want to play.
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  15. I played a Swampthing once, only once.
  16. sranc

    sranc creep

    I've run into lots of swamp things (pretty good ones) and grodds (terrible ones). No brainiacs at all.
  17. DeftMonk

    DeftMonk Noob

    I play grodd joker and GA. Adopt a low tier! You will encounter good karma!
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  18. Cossner

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    Wait there's other characters?
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  19. BigMacMcLovin

    BigMacMcLovin B2s and Birdarangs

    I haven't come across a single Braniac, Flash or Green Arrow.
  20. Another character that i just thought about, Green Lantern. Even though he is pretty good, not too many are using him.
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  21. JLU51306

    JLU51306 Bzzzt *Paging Doctor Fate*

    Bottom 5 Characters I've seen:

    Cyborg (Once)
    Captain Cold (Twice)
    Scarecrow (Twice)
    Swamp Thing (Twice)
    Brainiac (Thrice)

    Ironically, I main Brainaic and Captain Cold, so I'm doing my part (pray for me.)
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  22. poisen ivy, blue beetle, grodd, scarecrow

    Most = Superman for sure
  23. Vigilante24

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    Maybe if you guys are lucky enough to run into me, I have a Capt Cold and a Brainiac I bring out from time to time. ;)

    I actually haven't run into a single Canary or Joker player online. Not even the shitty ones! Every other character in this game I have encountered at least twice.
  24. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Good luck getting through the shell

    Flash is surprisingly rare for how popular he is.
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  25. lol who is B123isplusfuckyou

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