Launch trailer and E3: what to expect from MK11?

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By Charybdis on May 5, 2018 at 8:12 AM
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    In what should come as a massive relief to everyone craving something, anything, on MK11 and what’s next for NRS (which is all of us), we’ve just moved into the final stretch before E3. With NRS’ precedent of releasing initial launch trailers a week or so before E3, followed up by a gameplay reveal and a (very basic) demo at E3 itself, the finish line is hoving into view. Therefore, it’s time to start pondering what we’re going to see in a matter of weeks.


    So, what’s gonna be in the launch trailer? Who are we going to see? Will we be able to guess or glean anything from the launch trailer or gameplay demo? Can we (or should we) expect any story details akin to knowing about Cassie and Kotal’s overall roles from the get-go in MKX?

    Entertain me, NRS.

    These questions and more are all addressed on the latest edition of everyone’s favourite NRS podcast, the Netherkast! Join Cyborg, @Temp, @Shad and Razor as they try to predict what NRS has in store for us in the upcoming weeks.

    Also Razor can’t pronounce schadenfreude. I'll refrain from commenting about the American education system.

    For the record, the launch trailer for MK9 centred Raiden v Shao Kahn in the Coliseum, but did feature other characters….

    Which may be the most badass thing in the history of video games

    …..while the MKX launch trailer featured an awesome fight between Scorpion and Sub Zero, that hinted at the presence of variations and interactables.

    Which would also be incredibly badass if not for the somewhat jarring tunes of Wiz Khalifa.


    This dude remember? Think a marginally more talented Lil’ Jon without the self awareness. If you don’t I cant blame considering he has done literally sweet F.A. in two years.

    Real talk NRS. I get that you don’t want to use Techno Syndrome. I don’t know why, but I get that you don’t. But with Wiz Khalifa and that dubstep album for MK9 (admittedly, Reptile, Baraka and Sub Zero’s themes are bangers), the accompanying music for MK, which was once the strongest part of the franchise (see below), has sucked since the rebirth of MK.

    Overlay this with the Scorpion-Sub Zero fight or, indeed, anything.

    Sort yourselves out NRS. Either go back to the pseudo-Asian electronica of MK1/2/4 or the banging industrial from the movies and MK3, just find something that sounds good over a fight and isn’t going to date itself within 6 months. Because really, when was the last time anyone cared about Wiz Khalifa or dubstep?

    And as always, check back to TYM for all the latest news on everything NRS, including the most up to date and in depth coverage on MK11 news as and when we get it!
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Discussion in 'Podcasts, Shows & Archives' started by Charybdis, May 5, 2018.

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