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I just found out how to do the turbine with the 360 controller (well)

Are there any how-to kung lao vids out there or video guides?
I've seen a video with a couple infinite variants on Youtube but that's about it, which I would like to add is hard as hell with the Xbox360 controller.


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Try to play without the spin, then incorporate it into your Lao game when you can win not using it.

I struggle with him because I started to play with the spin and I can't do much else, and am learning him backwards :?

Trick to the spin? Make sure you press f,d,f and ONLY f,d,f before you press Run or the move will not come out. This is much harder than it looks on that horrid d-pad.
I kinda like tap block, then while im still blocking, i hit F-D at the same time, about 2-3 times, and at the same time im hitting run, all that happens ~1 second, so when i let go of block 90% of the time i get the spin

Im decent with him, nothing special
jdub03 said:
Its easy with a stick. I use it a little bit too much though. I need to tone it down.
Why does no one like playing with the stick? I'm so comfortable with it for playing with it so long. I've tried the D-Pad, but I think I dont like it because my fingers are WAY too big for something that small. If I push forward it ducks down and if I try to just make him walk forward he usually jumps forward. Oh well. And what's wrong with the button config? Is it that everyone wants the triggers run and the bumpers block or vice versa? I kinda like it the way it is. :shock:
Stick ftw. The only time I use the D-pad now is turning invisible with Robot Smoke, I find it alot easier doing UP UP with the d-pad than the stick.


When I said stick I meant the arcade stick. But yes on the controller the analog stick is far better then the d pad to me. I feel I have more control when i use it.

BTW I think the easiest variation on kung lao's infinite is this one:

Spin, jump kick, whiffed dive kick(imediately after the jump kick), Repeat(then when you get to the corner just do the spin, straight up JK inf). The timing for the first spin to jump kick is a little different the rest I cant do run cancel good enough to get the other variations to work.

Heres a link with some variations



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For some bizarre reason, the "f,d,f" moves are the only ones I can do better on a d-pad than I can with an arcade stick. I can actually get Kung's spin to come out like 70% of the time, instead of around 20% on a stick. I also use Kano's upwards roll now, whereas I pretty much ignored it on the stick since I couldn't get it to come out consistently enough. I'm not sure if it's just my imagination, but Kung's spin does seem harder to pull off than the other f,d,f (or b,d,b) moves.
The spin adds damage protection, as long as there is no spin in the combo (like using aaHP instead of spin) it will do twice as much damage.


any tips on timing the aahp, jk, whiffed dive kick. I know your supposed to run cancel the aahp but I dont know if im doing it or not. Maybe ill record my attempts at his infinite and have you guys give me some tips.
You have to whif dive ASAP.

The damage protection free version is somewhat difficult becuase I don't believe you can make them go higher. It has to be done perfectly or they will drop lower everytime.


You can alternate their juggle height in the DP free version. If you do it too quickly Kung will whiff the HP.
Shock said:
You can alternate their juggle height in the DP free version. If you do it too quickly Kung will whiff the HP.
That's why my hp always missed! Hah I probably would've never figured that out myself.
Lol I never use the D-Pad, just outta habit I guess.... :p

Errmmmm I've managed to get the corner infinite sorted...meaning I know what to do and can execute...but only 50% of the time :p

I have done the infinite involving the whiff dive kick...once.