kung lao spin on ds

Discussion in 'Kung Lao' started by rulemaster, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. rulemaster

    rulemaster Noob

    do u guys have trouble getting the kung lao spin to work on umk ds?
  2. Kaiba

    Kaiba Noob

    It take a little getting use to. Its easier to switch L and R so R is Run and L is block.
  3. ^^ cosign
  4. kartar

    kartar Noob

    It has to be done very fast because of the sped-up gameplay on the DS. Moving the run button does seem to help because it's a little awkward to hold the DS, do the motion, and then press L with the same hand.
  5. SYAK - 786

    SYAK - 786 Noob

    that is the best way if you wanna perfect it.
  6. TinSoldier

    TinSoldier Noob

    i dont ow the game, but would u be able to remap the run to L and X+B? maby that'll help.

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