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kung lao mid screen inf?

i've been trying to get the kung lao mid-screen inf. down now for weeks and i've been struggling. i watched videos and practiced and practiced but still no luck! my problem is after i connect the kung lao spin and lauch the opponent in the air i jump punch,whiff kick, aahp and try to repeat but after the first aahp im always out of range to connect my jump punch again is there something im doing wrong? im sorry if this is a noob question im mainly a MK2 player who moved to UMK3. help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance!

i will try to upload a video when i get the opportunity to do so.
You have to make sure you get as close you can to him without missing the spin, once you have him high up you have to run under him a bit farther than you think you have to. When I first attempted this I wasn't running far enough underneath him. Try running farther and just doing the jp whiff kick, and dont worry about the spin, just to see if you have the distance right.