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Kung lao infinite variation


I didn't see this variation mentioned in the guide so ill ask it. I'm trying to do the variation that goes like this....

Spin, J. p, whiffed dive kick,(repeat). Is this fairly easy to do on every character. Right now I'm practicing on scorpion.

I couldn't do any of them with my 360 pad so i had to use my doa stick. The buttons are all out of place so I'm going to have to relearn mk.


MK11 Kabal = MK9 Kitana
Rewire the doa stick, that's what I had to do!

You have to cancel the dive kick the instant the jump kick connects of they will slowly drop lower and the combo will end.


Yeah I'm only using the controller because I'm forced to(no customizable controls for my doa stick. Ive been playing online with it a bit and I'm starting to get used to the button placement.