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Kung Lao Cross Screen

I'm trying to learn just the regular aahp, jk, wiffdive. In the guide it says a second aahp may be necessary on some characters. Should I worry about which characters need the second aahp? If so, which characters should I look out for?
Well I've been trying to do aahp,jk,wiff,aahp,jk,wiff but I've been having a little trouble. I can do the spin version pretty good now though..
You just might need 2 aaHPs tp start it. The characters don't make that much of a difference, on some the second HP will whiff, you would have to hit them late.
Thanks guys. I can usually get 1 to 2 juggles that way before I spin up again. One more question :lol: Should I cancel the aahp with hk instead of run?

Oh yeah and wiggles I was playing with some guy names Trajik and i got 2 and then I missed the aahp because I didn't think the dive was going to whiff :evil:


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When I have a good connection going (aka vs Sugar and only Sugar), I can get the whole thing quite often. Online jews my timing badly.
I played some guy i think mayor or major, but he just did it to me out of no where

Like i jump, he gets the aaHP and the mofo was off


Konqrr said:
When I have a good connection going (aka vs Sugar and only Sugar), I can get the whole thing quite often. Online jews my timing badly.
True. I've gotten you into the corner with the other inf. fucked it up and quit out of the match twice. God damn I fucking hate you. I love playing against Konqrr though no matter who hosts the room it's always perfect for both of us. He's good and there's no lag, so most matches are always close.
i worked on this all day since xbla was down the canceling with HK made things a liil bit easier i can get 2 to 3 volleys. My question is when i spin then run in for the aahp do i want to get as far under them as i can or do i want to hit them as soon as i can to keep them higher?
Go as far in as you can. If you want, delay the HP a little and you can do two HPs to get them higher:
Spin, Run in, aaHPHP, JP, whif dive, aaHP, JP, whif.


MK11 Kabal = MK9 Kitana
synbadd said:
thanks is jp easier then jk??
For me, using HK is easier so I can go from JK straight to Dive Kick with the same button. JK seems to hit sooner than JP also.

I got corner to corner vs Shock last night for 73% IIRC...too bad he ran the room with 45 wins to our average of 5 a piece.
one last question do you cancel every hp? I always cancel the first one then miss canceling the rest of them. And could not canceling all HP be the reason i am having so much trouble


MK11 Kabal = MK9 Kitana
If you don't Run/HK/LK/Block Cancel the HP(s), then you have to be right on with the timing or the combo will end sooner than you want it to.