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Kung Lao combos

Hi, i was just wondering if any one knew any high damage/semi easy Kung Lao combos/infs in MK:Trilogy Greatest Hits ed. cause that what me and my friends mostly play play as I do not have an xbox 360. I know alot of his combos/infs are different cause of the turbines hit limit.

Well his spin really doesn't have a hit limit as far as I know. If you're good at the cross screens they you can do spin, jp/jk, wiff dive, spin, jp/jk, wiff dive, spin and so on. If you can't really do that then try his corner infinite. Spin, sujk, spin, sujk...
I'm fairly sure that they gave his spin a hit limit in trilogy but they made it able to move. i thought it was strange that they did some balencing stuff in trilogy like giving scorpion the forward TP but they put nooba nd rain i the game and gave all the additional characters mk2 level damage save mk2 raiden :?
The spin is disabled after one hit so the only infinite that works is the across screen version: aaHP, JK/JP, whif dive, repeat.


MK11 Kabal = MK9 Kitana
The MKT infinite is more difficult to time than it is on UMK3...but it is possible. I love how the spin can move around and how it is disabled after one hit. Kung Lao ftw!