Kryptonite Academy Episode 3 - Lex Luthor Tutorial Basic and Advanced Tactics

Discussion in 'Lex Luthor' started by Pig Of The Hut, Sep 4, 2013.

By Pig Of The Hut on Sep 4, 2013 at 11:31 PM
  1. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    Academy Episode 3 - Lex Luthor Tutorial Basic and Advanced Tactics
    Player/Teacher - rev0lver
    Running Time: 1 Hour 34 Min

    Topics Covered: Basics, Advanced strats, BNBs, setups, etc with Lex Luthor including MU talk and actual matches at the end for bonus
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Discussion in 'Lex Luthor' started by Pig Of The Hut, Sep 4, 2013.

    1. Owerbart
      Now that's a tutorial I think everyone should see.
    2. PaYizT
      Yo im hype! been trying to learn lex for a while can't wait to start watching this right now, the raven and solomon ones were great ,thanks pig and revolver for this .
    3. Niko Mar
      Niko Mar
      Great, good to see fellow Bruce Willis enthusiasts!
    4. JagoBlakeFGC
    5. Desperado
      Thanks i was waiting for the luthor tutorial
    6. Squeaker101
      Awesome! Gonna dive in right away.
    7. ChatterBox
      Fellow player repping Lex imblackjames should find this a fun view.
    8. PTG Slayer
      PTG Slayer
      Good showing! Just finished watching, and learned lots of things. Namely that when Lex is in the right hands, he's definitely no pushover.
    9. chores
      the whole time i was watching this i had open in another tab and i always keep that site muted, so i was hearing all these fucking beeps and boops thinking 'wtf are those sounds why did they leave whatever is making them on while they were recording?' - so i finished the vid (which was awesome btw) and closed the tab ready to come here and comment when i realized it was kdice. so hows everyone elses night going?
    10. rev0lver
      I'm glad it turned out well. there's probably some things I would've liked to expand upon and talk about, but yeah i think we got most things covered.

      inb4 i'm the #59 lex player when people learn how to use him lol
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    11. EntwinedTodd
      Awesome video revolver. I had some ideas that may be old but I've never seen them and I believe they have potential.

      First, a setup expanded off of your missile setup. After blocked missiles, they're at +14, and at a good space for 22d1. If that string hits, it's a full combo into another reset. If it is blocked, it's +2, allowing for a d1 mine which will always land. (this may be interruptible?)

      Another one is a corner reverse/pressure setup I'm working on, it doesn't seem safe but no one would expect it. Instant air j2 into corps charge will stun them and then fly right over them. Then you can land with armor f3/b3 to make it even tougher to punish.

      Reos setup of b2 into air blast also has some potential. 22 will hit perfectly which can be canceled into trait dash.

    12. whedgehead
      Now thats what I'm talkin about, there's my Lex Corp boi right there
    13. Vulcan Hades
      Vulcan Hades
      Wow, I knew Lex wasn't as bad as people thought but I didn't know he was that cool. :)

      Nice tutorial Revolver & Pig.

      I really like REO's ideas too. I think Lex could be played really lame with the life lead. I mean, with lv3 armor he doesn't need to worry about zoning that much. He can just sit on his life lead and they have no choice but to come to you or wait until trait ends. And when trait is about to run out, he can throw a probe/mine on the screen and if they try to get in you just push them back with pushblock or b2 xx up lance. Then check them with d3 xx trait cancel lv3 (only 5 sec cooldown). Rinse and repeat until time out lol.

      I think Lex has strong enough anti-airs, a2a J3 and whiff punish to be played super defensively. Actually, if I played Lex I would take life lead with chip damage and sit on it. I would only go for setups and resets to comeback from behind or when I feel like styling.

      Man I really feel like playing Lex now.
    14. Doombawkz
      You sure this was the best time? The new patch will probably buff Lex a bit and some of these may need to be changed a bit to fit the bill.

      Good video, either way
    15. xXstealthflameXx
      Exactly what I was thinking, but the patch might not come for another few weeks.
    16. 4x4lo8o
    17. FCP/EMP SCAR
      Will be looking into this when i get time, lex is low tier but hes such a g...yoo that cell phone!
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    18. PunkMafia83
      "He looks like a swan!"

      "Prince", don't do that!"
    19. Brooklyn Static S
      Brooklyn Static S
      Watching Kryptonite Academy Epiosode 9:30am :coffee:
    20. Akae47
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      lex is not low tier... not even close
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    22. Name v.5.0
      Name v.5.0

      How does it feel to know you single handedly made people care about Lex again?

      I picked him up because I wanted to play a "low tier" and I've been seeing a LOT more Lex's online all the sudden. He's soooo much fun...until you play Sinestro or Raven.
    23. its_ezie
    24. Sauron

      How about DS ? Is there a way to get in vs him? It seems impossible to me

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