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Kratos video combos by Dr Jackal and Hezbolah

Dr Jackal

Hi everybody !

Hope everything is doing good, I am glad to announce a new video regarding Kratos.
Some combos, reset and other stuff, hope you like it.

This video is done by Hezbolah and me. Kommunity Finish Him

All the best, cheers.

Dr Jackal


Put down the controller and run!
Very impresive! Good to see that someone care about Kratos. I don't have partner to practice with and i can't try some things in practice mode ,so i have to ask you. Can you give me the inputs after parrying JIP, Fire ball and ground hitt? You hold 1 dash if you wand to dash out, but how did you hit him with ground pound and what options do you have after parry? Any follow up examples? Thanks in advance!