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Kratos Combos Video Thread


I give a crap! Anyway, I was playing around with these combos (awesome video, btw) and discovered that one of them could easily be improved.

I don't know anything about hitboxes yet (just got the game yesterday) but this at least works on Kung Lao.

One of the combos in the video is: F42 >> F4 helios >> >> F42(hold), 4 [41%]

And I changed it to: F42, 4 helios >> >> F42(hold), 4 [50%]

You need to be real fast on the double dash or else they'll get out of stun, but this increases the damage output from 41% to 50% and IMO is easier to do.

I'll try to get a video of it later today.

EDIT: Apparently this doesn't work after the day1 patch. Since PSN is down I don't have it. :(

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most people here don't i meant
ever notice how deserted this forum is?

nobody ever posts in the kratos section

it's like Oooh Kratos is banned from tournament
so nobody play him!


Thanks CriticalBits. I love your YouTube videos! I especially loved your video for the demo version of Scorpion. The way you walked through building a combo was fantastic for a beginner like my self.


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A recent vid, so properties and damage is current. Nothing new, just stuff I saw listed by Seapeople on MKU and CHECK4900. The music's off the MK CD that came out after MK1, got it from Goodwill, its sweet.


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Alright. so....whats bothering me is that kratos is REALLY hated lol. i dont blame anyone, but sadly i dont play with him myself. THOUGH! another thing that was bothering me since i ever TRIED Kratos, is that it seems like no one knew about his dash cancel combos. I saw tylerlantern and check, re making kratos combos to do a max damaging meter combos of 76% percent and 71% just recently.

will, what if i told you that u can do 90% combos with 3 meters? or lets see....55% Meterless BNB?
here's a quick video I made, about Kratos Dash cancel in combos, and others. hope you all like it

Video notes:
"In here, you will see and understand what is Dash canceling. because of dash canceling, Kratos can deal more damage without the use of a single meter. A single Meterless BNB can hit up to 55%. So imagine the possibilities of adding Enhanced attacks?

Dash cancel can be used as Anti wake up, Footsies, Pressure game, and greatly enhances Kratos Combo Ability.

This is something i knew from months ago. I tried to make a Project learning Lab for Kratos, sadly nobody loves him as much compared to the other roaster. So i decided to make this small vid, just to talk about Dash cancel SPECIFICALLY ,were a lot of people dont know about it so far.
Watch and enjoy. hope this video was helpful or new to you."

Transcript will be out soon.