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KP2/XL has been out for over 24 hours; what are your "final" thoughts on the characters?


When the Kombat Pack 2 was first announced most of us expressed our thoughts on the characters just based off the announcement. Later a lot of our opinions would change once we saw the characters in gameplay. I'm assuming that once again, our opinions have changed since we've finally been able to play these characters for ourselves. My question: What is your "final" thoughts/opinions on the KP2 (XL) characters? Here are mine:
  • Tri-Borg: My most anticipated character in the KP2. I really like this character, and I would go as far to say that he's probably one of my favorites in the entire game currently. All of his variations feel different and deep (something some characters, like Reptile, lacked) -- and I like them all. Sektor and Cyrax were the ones I was most excited to play, but I've actually found myself to be playing Smoke and Cyber Sub-Zero more, which is very surprising to me. Anyway, his moveset across all variations is awesome, but also very flashy which makes him fun to play.
  • Bo 'Rai Cho: I don't like the fact that they decided to make Bo' fart and throw-up again. I feel like if they were going to bring him back and redesign him, they needed to make him more "serious" while staying funny. Think of Uncle Iroh from Avatar; genuinely, but also awesome. With that being said, Bo' Rai Cho is still a very fun character to play. And despite me wishing they would have took the character in a different direction; having more comedy and "funny" movesets in MKX is welcome.
  • Alien: In my opinion, Alien is the best guest character in the game. His fast-paced and animalistic fighting style is very fun, and his tail attacks is something we haven't seen before in NetherRealm's games (not counting the Midway games, of course). I also like how the character has Baraka's traits; it really takes advantage of that "what-if?" scenario and also gives us new moves we are familiar with and adds more "MK flair" to the character.
  • Leatherface: I know I'm not the only one who thinks this: Leatherface was my least anticipated character in the KP2. The character is such an oddball choice, even when you think of all the other guest character choices they could have maybe went with. This character is weird in a lot of ways, even in gameplay. In my opinion, it looks so weird (and almost wrong) for Leatherface to throw infinite chainsaws from full-screen. It also looks weird for him to be running around with a chainsaw on his back and to fight characters like Goro -- the guy doesn't even have powers or superhuman abilities like the other guest characters. Being honest, I completely despised this character. After playing him though, I don't despise him completely any longer. His Killer variation is fun to play, and Butcher is too (especially since he has that awesome brutality). I found myself really liking Leatherface's simple yet fun moveset. With that being said, notice how I said "I don't despise him completely". I still dislike things about him (like his Pretty Lady variation -- which just gives him awkward new attacks) and who he is at a character stand-point. I guess to sum up: Leatherface is fun to play and has surprised me, but he's not a perfect character by any means in my opinion.


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Acidic alien in the corner is absolutely terrifying. Her acid damage attacks stack, and you can whittle someone's health from 100-0 in a very short period of time.

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Smoke is on point
Cyrax is beyond broken, even redesigned he still has resits
Cyber Sub-Zero is the new black, REO and Sonic Fox have probably found a main in him.
Ask Ketchup about sektor, but he seems nice as well
Bo Rai Cho is very dificult to use and bartitsu has no fast mid, all his normals are all 11f (WTF)
Didn't messeup with Alien yet
Didn't messed up with leatherface yet


I don't play this game professionally and don't enter any competitive events so I'm not concerned with balance, just fun. By that metric I think NRS hit it out of the park. I'm surprised by how much I enjoy Leatherface and how much personality they managed to inject into a character who doesn't talk and wears a mask made out of human skin. The other characters are fun too, but Leatherface is unexpectedly my favorite.

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I only bought 1/2 of the pack after playing with a friend that had it. And I enjoyed Triborg the most, but a very close and unexpected 2nd is Leatherface.

I never caught anything from the kombat kasts with their demoing of the characters. Just watched brutalities and what not. So I went in not knowing what to expect. But purple haze smoke stole my heart. I was only going to buy Triborg. But fucking Leatherface man... I hate that I like this character, thats how much I hate him


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Really only played with pretty lady, Leatherface is a fun character but his lack of good mids is gonna hurt him in the long run and the zoning isn't good enough to justify it. Played long sets versus Acidic and Cyrax both are probably top tier. Cyber sub looks broke I'm really scared to fight someone really good with him. Undecided on Bo yet but I'll say it again the farting and puking crap should have been kept to one variation so this character could actually have a chance to be cool.


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I like Cyber Sub-Zero. He has the coolest combos in the game, coolest divekick in the game, coolest trap hazard in the game, coolest bombs in the game, coolest color 2 palette in the game, coolest voice in the game, coolest executional demands in the game, coolest gimmick in the game, coolest projectile in the game, and he has 2 slides.

He's a cooler version of Sub-Zero.

Can't wait to enjoy this character fully before you all have him gutted.


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Triborg is my favorite of the pack even though I went in anticipating Bo' Rai Cho more. Sektor is so much fun, and I like using Cyber-Smoke as well even though I would have preferred if they hadn't made him a vortex character. Bo' Rai Cho is okay, but i'm not sure if he fits my playstyle and i'm having a hard time getting used to him so far. Hopefully after I lab a bit I will understand the character better.

Haven't even touched Leatherface or Alien yet, but Butcher at the very least looks pretty interesting.


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Cyber sub is insane, All triborg variations viable. Top 10 chars might have all triborg variations. Alien is very cool all viable variations. Leather face too slow. Variations are ok. Bo Rai cho unsafe as hell. but farts are lol
They did a great work balancing the old characters in KP2, I cant complain, now in a month or so they need to do the same with the KP2 characters, A overhead dive kick, aliens abuse, cyrax... borracho... they really need to be re balanced, maybe in a month when the sales drop they will fix them.
I am getting bodied using Bo Rai Cho online. He is frustrating to play because he gets zoned really badly and its very hard to punish people with him because all of his moves are SO slow. I am not even losing to great players, mostly triborg button mashers who do random things and are a pain to punish. Triborg is definitely the best character out of the 4. Very fast normals, great mobility, and crazy setups. I've only touched acidic Alien for a few minutes here and there and have actually been able to do well with her. Leather face to me is ehh, although, I did fight a really good one online.