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KP2 - We have seen them all... who are you playing?

Which KP2 character are you going to play?

  • Alien

    Votes: 58 37.2%
  • Bo Rai Cho

    Votes: 50 32.1%
  • Leatherface

    Votes: 37 23.7%
  • Triborg Cyrax

    Votes: 31 19.9%
  • Triborg Sektor

    Votes: 40 25.6%
  • Triborg Smoke

    Votes: 62 39.7%
  • Triborg Cyborg Sub-Zero

    Votes: 19 12.2%
  • Unsure

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters

villainous monk

Terrible times breed terrible things, my lord.
The Xenomoph. All variations but Tarkatan is #1. It ain't Baraka but hey I'll take it.

The jolly drunken master since he's got a lot of old school mk still in him.

Leatherface. Because I want to hear him go arrggghuuuaartttthrahrrghh with the chin saw dancing wildly


Bags of mostly water
Premium Supporter
Smoke for sure, he's my favorite mk character!!

After seeing bo rai cho I wanna try dragon breath as well


Likes nerds with big ...
Definitely gonna play a bit with the Alien (Tarkatan or Acidic, there's a too much going on in Konjurer for me) and Triborg: Smoke Mode.
Berserker looks a bit like Sonya, so I'll probably give him a shot. I'll try Tarkartan since I liked playing as Baraka in MK9. Acidic looks like it'll be really powerful in certain matchups as well. Sektor is probably my favourite out of the group so far. Smoke looks fun too.

Bo Rai Cho and the other variations don't seem really interesting to me, but I'll give them all a fair shot. Of course I also said I was going to learn Tremor...


Sub and kotal FTW
I'm only interested in robot smoke, maybe cyber sub zero. I'm hoping I can purchase individual characters instead of the kombat pack.


Kollector main who plays Jacqui
Tri-Borg, all day, every day.

Not just one or two variations either. All of them. I will play them all.

x TeeJay o

Canary Cry Gapless Pressure
I'm gonna play Alien . Most likely Tarkatan because I love that rush down playstyle. Also because acidic makes venomous look childish so in respect to bae I can't play acidic:cool:


Frozen Earth
I wanted to play drunken master Bo so bad...but they went too far with the fart stuff. It's not funny, it's kind of cringe-worthy. Which sucks because I love his style.
Alien - Acidic (I was originally playing Konjurer but I'm having more fun with Acidic)
Triborg Smoke
Triborg Sektor
Triborg Cyber Sub-Zero


G.O.A.T Robin
Going back to Sektor. Used to main him in MK9, so maining him in MKX.
Triborg is AMAZING so far from what I've played. I love him so much! He really suites my aggressive + 50/50 style.